Bashammakh Co-founder Saad Alami Rahmouni Is Disrupting The Luxury Candle Business

Saad Alami Rahmouni

Destressing from a long day of work has become unconventional, with residences converted into offices. Home may not even feel like home anymore. One way to
transfigure the living space is to light a candle at the end of the day…or 10. Scents are closely connected with memory, and recreating that home feeling, before it was an office, is a perfect way to escape. Businessman Saad Alami Rahmouni transferred jobs
around the world for years, longing for a sense of permanence.

“After years of travel, I finally resided in Miami, Florida, where I started building a life of my own,” Rahmouni said. “Now, after singlehandedly successfully building Worldwide Luxury Concierge LLC into a thriving business, I had an itch to do and be more. While in quarantine, I had time to think about business opportunities previously presented to me, and decided to tackle a few, one being a new luxury candle company.”

Rahmouni and Nawaf Bashammakh, his former colleague and son of OUD perfume manufacturing company, created Bashammakh Candles after recognizing a market gap. Both have set out to revolutionize candles with high-quality, long-lasting oil.

“We aim to deliver superior oil candles and perfumes to our clients that will leave them speechless, especially with how long the scent lingers,” Rahmouni said.

Entering the aromatherapy business with Bashammakh was a no-brainer for this world traveler. Rahmouni has contributed to the creation of well-formulated scents based solely on his experience with luxury travel and entertainment. Rahmouni is passionate about recreating unforgettable memories into fragrances. From soothing spas in five-star hotels to the rich scent of nature, Bashammakh will have it all.

“Our candles also have a simplistic design to allow for flexibility in the placement,” Rahmouni said. “The range is unbeatable, and our delicate hand-crafted scents are timeless.”

The flagship store in Saudi Arabia is open to the public, with ambitions to extend to Paris and London. This fall, worldwide delivery will be open to those searching for an order in the immediate future.

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