5 Most Recent Innovations Created by Students

Leadership and Innovation

Students are often the very people who come up with ingenious ideas and build products that transform the global economy. As a student, you have probably had or will have several ideas that could potentially be transformed into an innovative business idea. As daunting as it might be, it is important to hold on to those ideas and do everything possible to make them happen. After all, it might mean that you get to run your own company in the future and transform the industry that interests you most of all. To help you get inspired and find the needed courage to develop your own idea, here are some success stories of the innovations that were created by students.


Created by students from Carnegie Mellon University, EM-Sense is an innovative solution: a wristband that looks similar to a watch and means to simplify your life. How? By using electromagnetic noise (which comes from every object) to program the objects you touch to do certain things. For example, when you touch the office doorknob, the system gets running and prompts your phone to read your calendar items for the day out loud. Quite similarly, when you get close to your car, the solution will connect with your phone and program Google Maps to come up with a shortcut you can use to get to your office faster. In such a way, EM-Sense can program many things, even something as simple as a coffee mug (provided that there is also some smart technology installed into it). Whatever the case, this solution means to remove the little daily chores that might be distracting to let you focus on your main things and enjoy the support of innovative technology.


Lalaland was created by a team of students in the Netherlands. They came up with an idea to create artificial human models by using generative AI and machine learning. Since the idea was successful, the team won several awards and grew into a fast-paced startup based in Amsterdam. The Lalaland product means to help fashion brands save the costs they usually spend on collection photoshoots by offering nonexistent human models that come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. This solution does not only mean that businesses will get to spend less money to make some good profit, but it also means that there will be more progress in the areas of sustainability, social diversity, and inclusion. Customers will be able to see models that resemble them in terms of skin tone, size, and age, which will eventually diminish item returns for brands (which usually get incinerated) and help people feel more comfortable because of representation diversity.


Created by Kevin Gaunt, Bots is a collaborative AI system developed for smart homes. It means to develop specialized AI bots created for accomplishing certain tasks for the elderly. This solution is particularly valuable for the countries facing an aging population as they will soon have fewer working-age people available to fill in all the job openings on the market. There might be different types of bots available, for example, a BankBot that will help with budgeting and paying bills, a DivaBot that will give compliments whenever its owner needs one, an EmergencyBot that will call 911 whenever its owner is in need of first aid, and a MemoryBot that will help to remember some important things. This solution is a step into the future, bringing robotics closer to society and helping people get rid of the little things that complicate their life.

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The Social Shot

This innovation might be more fascinating than it is useful. The tool is basically a mobile bartending robot created for coming up with customized shot drinks based on one’s personality. How does it work? The robot is supposed to collect data about the person they need to give a drink to, to process that data, and use the classic Five personality traits system when deciding what ingredients to use when making a shot. What’s even more interesting is that you don’t necessarily need to give your personal information to the robot – they can learn it from your Facebook profile!


Food waste is a global problem, and environmentalists have already been talking about it for years. Luckily, a group of students from California College of the Arts came up with a solution to battle food waste in the United States. One of the reasons why food gets wasted is because it doesn’t get sold. It might not get sold simply because it doesn’t look as appealing as market standards expect. As a result, farmers can’t sell these “imperfect” products, and they need to get rid of them by throwing perfectly good food away. Wunderfood is a market place that helps farmers sell their imperfect products to the customers who value quality over the looks. This tool will not only help farmers make their businesses thrive but also reduce the problem of food waste and environmental pollution.

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