Beauty Mogul Liz Kennedy Announces $500,000 Seed Round Raise for New All Purpose Beauty Tool

Liz kennedy

Throughout the course of her entire career, Liz Kennedy has provided beauty advice meant to uplift females. Whether she was giving the advice as an on-air beauty expert, as the face of various legacy beauty brands, as the star of her own Youtube and Instagram TV shows, or on her newfound Tik Tok platform, Kennedy has always prioritized helping as well as empower her fans. This is why it should come as no surprise that she is planning on releasing an all-in-one beauty tool in the spring of 2021.

Despite her own industry experience, Kennedy teamed up with CTZN Cosmetics over two years in order to make sure she would have the best research and development team at her disposal. Her experience working in the legacy beauty industry as well as breaking through in the new beauty influencer world makes Kennedy the perfect person to launch an all-in-one beauty tool.

Further, Kennedy is positioned to market her own product to her large audience spanning various social media platforms. With light-hearted, positive, and fun videos, Kennedy has been able to capture the growing young audience on Tik Tok. After her show Inner/Outer Beauty, which emphasized self-love and the connection between inner value and outer representations thereof, had to pause filming because of Covid-19, the ingenious Liz Kennedy took to Instagram to launch a new show.

‘Blow Up or Glow Up’ is the popular new IGTV show hosted by Kennedy where women receive a quick, but substantial makeover including but not limited to hair, clothing, makeup, and non-invasive procedures. The show is brilliant because it incorporates her followers, and the followers of her expert team, as a fundamental part of each episode; this allows her to drive engagement to all of her content on Instagram as well other platforms like Tik-Tok as well as continue production during Covid-19.

Due to Kennedy’s growing audience, engagement, and relationships across multiple social media platforms as well as her history in the legacy beauty industry, she is the perfect person to both market a new beauty tool as well as run the business side.

Kennedy has recently closed her seed round of funding ($500,000) led by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer and Lisa Schimnowsky, CEO of the CBD beverage brand G & Juice.

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