An Ultimate Guide To Getting your Car Shipped – Easy And Safe

Ford 2015 Mustang - Sleek and aerodynamic. Fifty looks fantastic on this iconic muscle car.
Ford Mustang - Sleek and aerodynamic. Fifty looks fantastic on this iconic muscle car.

You know how to ship a small item, but confused about how to ship your car, this article guide can help you. Keeping the things organized is the key when shipping your car, whether interstate or internationally. Organizing things like choosing the shipping company, selecting the timeline, and budget in advance will give you peace of mind.

This ultimate​ guide to getting your car shipped ​will help you organize the essential things, paperwork, and everything else you will need to ship it successfully.

Things To Do Before You Ship Your Car

Set A Budget

It is a crucial part of shipping your car. It will help you in choosing the method to ship your car. There are two ways to ship your car, by road or by water, it depends on you which method you choose. The budget and the location where you want to ship the car will also matter when choosing the method.

If shipping by the road, the costs for shipping vary from company to company as well as the distance. Like if you ship your car to a distance of 1-500 miles, the price can be $1 per mile, whereas the price for 500+ miles the price can be 75 cents per mile. The prices for 1000+miles can be 60 cents per mile, and so on. But, remember these are only estimated prices and may vary from place to place and company to company.

Decide How You Want To Ship The Car

The shipping companies provide different shipping options, and each one is priced differently. When choosing an option, keep in mind that the option you select will help you ship your car safely and easily.

Some common options are


This is the best option for shorter distances, and it is cheap. This option is also quicker as shipping companies generally tend to have more open carriers. But this option leaves your car exposed to the elements like weather and dust.


The enclosed carriers shipping option is comparatively expensive. But, this shipping option is safest as it protects the car from weather, dust, snow, and any other element that could cause damage to the car.


Door to door shipping of cars is expensive, but the best way when choosing a shipping option as in it the car is picked from the location you want and delivered to your new location’s door. It is expensive but can save you time and money in the long run as it doesn’t need you to go to the terminal, which can be miles from your location.


This shipping method is less expensive but time-consuming and not very safe as you need to pick and drop your car at the terminal, which is generally not monitored around the clock.

Research The Shipping Companies And Insurance

Before choosing a shipping company, check their things like rating, shipping methods, and insurance. Also, check your car insurance to be on the safe side. Other things you must confirm are, prices of different companies, do the company specializes in car shipping, and records of the company online.

Other Things To Do

  • Gather the vehicle’s documents as the shipping company will ask for them to confirm that the car belongs to you.
  • Prepare a list of any quirks the car may have and update the shipping company about them.
  • Empty your car of any personal or valuable loose belongings.
  • Wash and clean your car thoroughly.
  • Inspect and photograph your car before and after the shipping to be sure of any damages to the car.
  • Disable car alarm, remove EZ pass, and leave the keys with the shipping company.
  • Receive and safely keep your tracking no. And receipts.
  • Check your car thoroughly on delivery for any damages.


The dos and don’t that we have listed in the article will act as a guide to getting your car or furniture shipped.

If you follow the steps we have put in the article, it will be a whole lot easier for you to get your car shipped safely.

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