Akhilendra Sahu: The Indian Young Gun Behind Many Successful Business Companies

Akhilendra Sahu

Humans have a tendency to postpone things. Whenever faced with a problem, rather than finding a solution we often ignore the problem. It is so till the problem affects us personally. That’s when we wake up and start finding a solution for it. But by the, substantial damage is already done by it. Individuals falling under Gen Y have found their own innovative ways to make them economically stable. Entrepreneurship is one way for majority of them. But not all of them make it in the long run.

Development in India was happening at a quickened pace before the pandemic hit. The world is aware of the tremendous potential our country holds. There are many entrepreneurship success stories from India. But one of them is like the silver lining of a cloud. What makes it special? Well, it is about Mr. Akhilendra Sahu, World’s youngest serial entrepreneur from Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Akhilendra’s spirit to be on the top of the game is truly inspiring. When most of the individuals dream about having a good job after college studies, he had some different plans. His dream was to start his own company. For someone so young at the age of 16, it was indeed a humongous task. So he started by gaining experience first as a freelancer. Gradually, he mastered all the necessary skills and was able to establish ASTNT Technologies Private Limited, his own company. As of now, he’s the CEO of his company and is leading well.

Growth shouldn’t be limited to one field. Everything changes with time. So it was necessary for him to venture on other paths too. He shifted from digital marketing to founding other companies. These include Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider), ASTNT Media (30+ News Sites Network), HeyIndia (Social Media App), StartUp199 (Web Development), FoodChilli (Exclusive Restaurants and Food Delivery), InfinityFame (Public Figures Marketing Agency) & The Publishly (Press Release Distribution).

Akhilendra is managing all of his companies and employees very well. At a tender age he understands the way of doing good business. In the past two years, with his unmoved determination and perseverance, he has successfully carved out a place for himself amongst world’s youngest entrepreneurs. He has a hawk-eye on the changing business trends and how they affect his companies. This 19 year old prodigal entrepreneur is indeed what the nation needs right now. His work has inspired many budding entrepreneurs in India and abroad as well.

When asked about his success mantra, he said it was simple: Satisfaction of the client. Yes, for him clients are of utmost importance. He always ensures that his clients receive the best services from his companies. He has a mindset that happy clients must be the goal of every business. Money may come and go but the clients are there forever. According to him, ideas always prevail, age is just a number excuse and if you have the will, the world will bend as you need it to. This is certainly what the young generation of India should follow and show the world how much potential they hold within.

You can follow Akhilendra Sahu on his verified Facebook account (@iamakhilendra) and also on his Instagram (@akhilendra_sahu).

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