In Conversation with Marketing Expert Gustavo Tello on Top Marketing Trends in 2020


Everyone in the United States knows how difficult it is to build a business from scratch. In the case of Gustavo Tello, Owner of The Lighting Studios, entrepreneurship seems like a walk in the garden with his expert marketing skills and passion for growth.

Owner of The Lighting Studios, Tello talks to us about his passion for marketing and business, and how his attention to detail led him into becoming a successful marketing expert in the United States today. In 2011, Tello first worked with the ARE lighting studios. Since then, he has been dedicated and driven towards reaching new heights. He has a successful track record in management and has proved his tremendous abilities in business development, sales, and marketing. He credits these skills to the noticeable increase in ARE studios’ sales and profit margins, since the time he took charge of the reins. Tello is deeply embedded in the marketing zone, working in opportunity development, public relations, project supervision, and much more. Tello elaborates on how proper planning and management is the key to marketing today. According to him, the trend is to know the economy, witness the changes, and head in the right direction.

Tello was born in San Cristobal, Venezuela, and completed his Bachelors from Universidad Nueva Esparta followed by a Masters in Business administration. Besides these, he also has a degree in Administration of Touristic Enterprises. He worked in Venezuela-based Formalux CA to gain exposure. Formalux witnessed tremendous growth since Tello joined. His innovative insights into the project, timekeeping solutions, and a proven ability to fulfill project developments have led him to become one of the best marketing experts in Venezuela. Tello’s best accomplishments have been initiated in the USA, without any home support, and in a new environment. His marketing skills and insights and latest trend analysis have led him to give detailed expertise in the business.

Starting from scratch in a whole new environment, with new people, and managing to work his way up the ladder in a short period has made Tello not only an expert, but an inspiration to everyone who wishes to enter into this world of marketing.

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