Ali Ahmed Almohannadi Recognized Among the Top 3 Most Successful Marketing Experts in Qatar

Ali Ahmed Almohannadi

Marketing is one of the most important parts of running a business, but many owners struggle in this area. Often, they reach out to a marketing agency for help. Ali Ahmed Almohannadi helps entrepreneurs around the world market their businesses and bring in more sales with utmost professionalism and an inherent talent in the field.

Ali Almohannadi runs Kinfolks Co., a creative marketing and design studio. Along with his team, he’s completed hundreds of marketing projects in many different industries. Some of his noteworthy clients include Oh La La Magazine, Fact Magazine, Rotana Hotel, Mondarian Hotel, and Alrayyan Hotel, a Hilton property. “Kinfolks Co. wants to push brands forward,” Almohannadi said. “We want to connect people with a brand and help them form a personal relationship with their message and products. We cater our marketing services to each individual client and listen to their desires. Each client is unique in my mind.” Through his work with Kinfolks Co., he’s been recognized as one of the top 3 marketing experts in Qatar.

Kinfolks Co. provides a variety of services to its clients, including design and visual communication, online and offline marketing, and web and technology development. Almohannadi specializes in marketing, including social media management, PR, influencer marketing, online and offline advertising, strategy, and branding. “My company strives to be a one stop shop for any business working to build their brand and find new clients,” he said. “We offer a wide variety of services so that our clients can get help in every facet of marketing and getting their business ready for public consumption. We can help any business, whether they’re off the ground yet or not.”

When Ali graduated from high school, he wanted to pursue a scientific path in forensic science and analytic chemistry. However, he soon decided to pursue marketing because he knew he was passionate about it. He quickly received his MSc in Marketing from the University of Sussex in the UK. “I started to become passionate about marketing when I was fifteen years old,” Ali said. “I worked in my uncle’s store, learning communication skills and learning about management. I learned even more as I helped my friends with their social media accounts when I was older. It renewed my passion for the subject, and I knew I had to change my path in order to help others.”

Ali Ahmed Almohannadi is one of the top 3 marketing experts in Qatar. He’s passionate about the subject, and can help businesses in all varieties of fields find their voice. Marketing is an important part of any business, and he’s always there to help.

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