Which Animal on the Planet has the Best Memory

What animal has the best memory and secrets of incredible memory in humans

Some animals can impress us with their unique and extraordinary memory skills. But what animal has the best memory? Can a chimpanzee actually have a photographic memory? And which animal can have the longest social memories and remember all family members?

What animal has the best memory and secrets of incredible memory in humans

If you want to discover what animal has the best memory, then it is important to notice that scientists have proven that animals forget about events that have just happened in their life in a matter of seconds. Their brains store in long-term memory only information necessary for survival. However, there are some species that have incredible memory skills. And if humans need to exercise their mental strengths to improve cognitive functions, then animals don’t need to worry about mnemonic devices. Nature gives them everything for a living. So which animal has the best memory?

First of all, it is needed to consider animals with a long lifespan because species that live a couple of years cannot give answers to the question of what animal has the best memory. They have perfect short term memory as any animal has to take care of their food, birds must remember where are their nests, the crow must keep in mind where did she hide the nut, hoofed mammals must know the location of every member of their herd because they live, feed, and migrate together.  Let’s consider animals who can deal with their brain skills better than others.

Top 3 animals with ideal long-term and photographic memory

Elephant. This animal is kind and nice, as they love to interact with people and carefully take care of each other. But how smart are elephants? It’s undeniable that elephants have outstanding mind skills. They can remember where all the members of his family are, regardless of the distance separating them. They also easily find water reservoirs. And they don’t just look for a new source of water every time. They keep this information in long-term memory, and it’s not just survival instincts. The amazing fact that they, like humans, can reach such amazing results and goals thanks to the mental map that the elephant creates and holds in its head. So, elephants are really intelligent animals.

Chimpanzee. The extraordinary intellect of this ape type and the ability to memorize the objects, pictures, and even the sequences of numbers will impress you. Lots of tests and research show us that chimpanzees’ memory skillset allows them to vividly recall a scene and memorize patterns. It means that they use their brain not just for survival. Having a great eidetic type of memory, they can successfully perform complicated tasks using their brainpower.

Dolphin. If dolphins, separated from their families, will meet them in 20 years, they will still recognize their own relatives by the signal that these animals emit. And if the chimpanzee has a phenomenal photographic type of memory, then dolphins in comparison with the visual one have a greater auditory memory capacity, retaining new information longer and easily encoding and storing sounds.

Brain activities in humans

Sometimes, animals can deal with memory tests much better than some humans. It can be explained by poor memory in people due to ignorance of brain exercising. Nevertheless, the mental capacity allows people to achieve great results and even break a memory record and limits of human memory thanks to mnemonic techniques. This privilege is not available to animals. However, people can use modern technologies and advanced software like memoryOS. This gamified platform for virtual creation of the mind map enhances mental abilities development, makes the mind sharper, and facilitates studying.

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