Sports Accessories That Improve Your Performance

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Everyone who takes sport seriously will continually be on the lookout for innovative ways they can improve their athletic performance.

While traditional workout methods still have their place in modern sport, technology has undoubtedly helped to move things onto a completely different level.

There are now thousands of different accessories and gadgets available that are designed to improve performance, giving you that extra few per cent you need to be a winner.

Whether you are a professional or amateur sportsperson, read on as we look at some of our favourite performance improving products currently on the market.

BlazePod Workout Trainer

Use your winnings from live betting on the Premier League to invest in one of the best professional-level reflex training systems money can buy.

The BlazePod Workout Trainer is designed to significantly improve fitness, providing invigorating training sessions for athletes of all abilities.

Each pod has built-in LED lights with eight colour options. These are controlled by your mobile device to create a performance-boosting reaction workout.

The system connects with an app that works on both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to track how your fitness levels are progressing.

WHOOP Performance Optimisation System

The WHOOP Performance Optimisation System allows athletes to constantly monitor their performance and helps them to make gains on an ongoing basis.

The science-based system has been used by some of the biggest sports stars in the world to positively change their behaviours and tap into their performance reserves.

WHOOP allows athletes to adjust their training schedule and gain a much better understanding of recovery to help them stay ahead of the competition.

The system has been scientifically proven to help athletes improve their sleep patterns, reduce injuries and enhance long-term performance.

AirBands Restriction Cuffs

If you are aiming to increase your strength, build muscle or train around an injury, AirBands are the ideal product for you.

They are the world’s first fully digital and wireless blood flow restriction training devices, which can be used as a training aid for either your arms or legs.

They are controlled easily via Bluetooth from your smartphone and are suitable for both professional and amateur level athletes.

They bear some similarities to Occlusion Cuffs, which have been shown by experts to mirror the positive fitness results provided by traditional heavy resistance training.

APEX Athlete Series GPS Performance Tracker

Take your performance on the football field to an entirely different level with STATSports’ innovative APEX Athlete Series GPS Performance Tracker.

Used by elite professional clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool, the system allows you track your personal training and game data without needing any assistance from experts.

Recommended by FIFA, the GPS tracker breaks down your performance into 16 key metrics, including maximum speed, total distance covered, heat maps, fatigue and more.

The tracker is an invaluable aid to anyone who is interested in improving their playing performance in football, providing users with the same feedback that the world’s top players receive.

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyser

Golf can be one of the toughest sports to master, particularly when it comes to identifying where you are going wrong when taking a shot.

The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyser takes the guesswork out of the entire process, providing users with all the information they need to improve their game.

The system uses motion capture technology to analyse your golf swing and provides you with data you can use to detect where any specific issues lie.

The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyser connects seamlessly to a smartphone app, effectively giving you your own personal golf coach wherever you are on the course.

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