Redefining Wealth; Lux Miami makes Luxury Affordable


In an age where society’s profiles of wealth are growing in diversity, luxury goods have made a comeback into the hands of individuals ready to dip into their deep pockets. The market for high-end services and products has expanded, along with the age range of those willing to pay for them. The shift from a common “inherited money” customer to a self-made customer, who could very well be only 18 years old, has changed the game for many companies and created new niches for others to take over. And in this new era, it is names like Lux Miami that will soon find themselves present in the thoughts and media feeds of the new rich.

Lux Miami is a South Florida company dominating the luxury rental space. Providing high-end transportation in the form of cars, yachts, and jets, Lux Miami has capitalized on this new market of wealth, catering to clients of all ages with premier services and adjustable rental periods. They are in the business of catering to the celebrity lifestyle. But whether you are actually globally known like Post Malone, Swae Lee, or Designer (some of their notable past clients), or just want to experience luxury, Lux Miami provides premium services at the best prices in the industry — creating once in a lifetime moments without the once in a lifetime hit to your bank account.

The mechanism by which Lux Miami maintains astonishingly low rental costs remains a mystery to all in the luxury rental industry. Lux Miami offers vehicles in their exceptional fleet starting as low as a couple hundred dollars per day, with more expensive options for those seeking even greater luxury. Such prices make Lux Miami more expensive than your local Rent-A-Car company, but more affordable when compared to competitors within the industry. According to Adam Ibrahim, a real estate investor who is also an investor in the business, “cost and service leadership is a rare combination of traits in the luxury concierge industry, and is seldom a focus of the mainstay players. Lux sees this as an opportunity and has made it a core focus, much to the satisfaction of its clients”.

Furthermore, Lux Miami’s line of rental vehicles only consists of the most lavish and extravagant vehicles, including a variety of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Mercedes Benzes, and several superyachts. Further information, as well as detailed pictures of this prestigious fleet of motor, aquatic, and air vehicles, are available on Lux Miami’s Instagram page (@luxmia) and on their website (

Affordable pricing directly contributes to Lux Miami’s second fundamental pillar, customer service. Lux Miami prides itself on placing the client first and foremost. Routines, such as vehicle maintenance, cleaning, and detailing, are conducted frequently and with the utmost attention to detail ensuring the highest quality product and experience for clients. Lux Miami’s extraordinary efforts and attention for its customers has not gone unnoticed as Lux Miami has received unanimous 5-Star ratings on several platforms.

Because of their continuous commitment to supply their clients with the highest quality product, Lux Miami is revolutionizing the luxury rental industry. They are breaking the stereotype that only excessively wealthy people can afford to live lavishly and they are going above and beyond to ensure that any individual, family, or group of friends can experience the highest degree of luxury at the best price.

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