HustleHiveTV Geniusly Blends Education and Entertainment


Education, education, education. In recent decades, contemporary society has harped on the importance of education in order to achieve success. Such focus is justifiable as countless credible studies have demonstrated a robust correlation between education and success, and a vast disparity in success between different degrees of education. While many can agree on the significance of education, some experience much difficulty achieving success in the rigid American school system. Many people prefer and are keener to interactive and engaging learning rather than the typical lecture style retained by the majority of schools or universities. Luckily for these students, HustleHiveTv is providing an educational platform for such students to flourish.

Founded in 2019 by brothers Eriksen and Soren Dickens, HustleHiveTv seeks to promote and teach entrepreneurial thinking and actions in students who do not conform to traditional teaching methods. Now, neither Eriksen nor Soren Dickens are trained educators, rather the sibling pair are seasoned filmmakers. While many may see this as an automatic disqualification, the Dickens duo regard themselves as a prime example to their audience of entrepreneurial thinking and action. In fact, their media production background has provided much of the foundation for HustleHiveTv to catapult their way to leading the edutainment (education and entertainment) industry.

HustleHiveTv caters to its youthful audience by providing them with engaging videos posted on their website ( and Instagram page (@hustlehivetv) about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. The videos range from value-driven content to a more informal behind the scenes look at the lives and lifestyles of numerous entrepreneurs. Individual episodes are often hosted by featured entrepreneurs from the California coastal region, but guest hosts are brought in from throughout the nation. Featuring young, unique entrepreneurs on their shows enables HustleHiveTv members to receive and absorb information from the entire spectrum of experiences, including personal struggles and advice from both like-minded and different individuals.

While education and entertainment remain as HustleHiveTv’s primary focuses, they are not the sole focus of the edutainment platform. Core to the beliefs of the HustleHiveTv program is the idea that a crucial part of any success is healthy living. Therefore, HustleHiveTv combines aspects of the 24/7 grind or “work, work, work until you drop” mentality fostered by modern society with periods of rest and meditation to ensure peak mental and physical health. HustleHiveTv works to educate, discuss, and destigmatize many of the mental health illnesses common to the realm of entrepreneurship, contrary to most others in the edutainment industry. HustleHiveTv even offers group trips to various destinations to members as an opportunity for these individuals to relax, reset, and recharge together as a community rather than doing so alone.

Much of entrepreneurship revolves around being creative, innovating, and stepping out of your comfort zone and HustleHiveTv is doing just that. HustleHiveTv is revolutionizing the education industry with its unique, engaging, and entertaining teaching methods. They are providing their members with unrivaled access to the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, while also sharing meaningful life advice to ensure the success of every single member of the Hustle Hive.

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