Federal Liberals Polling at 55% – NDP at 46% – Conservatives at 43%

Abacus Data Poll - June 23, 2020
Abacus Data Poll - June 23, 2020

OTTAWA – The political landscape is favoring Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party according to Abacus Data.

In a poll released on June 23, 2020, Abacus says that the federal Liberals are at the apex of their support since 2018.

Here’s a snapshot of other findings from the poll:

FINDING #1: Today, 55% of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, the highest we have recorded since November 2018. The NDP’s voter pool is at 46%, the Conservatives at 43% — the lowest since soon after the 2015 federal election.

FINDING #2: Feelings towards Mr. Trudeau are 47% positive, and his negatives are 31% unchanged over the past few waves of research. He has a positive net score everywhere except for in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

FINDING #3: Ratings for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh are 36% positive (the highest since soon after the 2019 election) and his negatives are at 23%. His positives are up 5-points since mid-May while his negatives are up 3-points.