Decorating Your Living Room on a Student Budget

Decorating Your Living Room on a Student Budget

So, school months are almost, here and you are ready to go back to your student life. Typically, you will find an empty room – a blank canvas that you need to make worthy and useful. This could be a boring accommodation but you need not settle on this. It is in your power to make this room completely cozy and stylish. 

Remember, your room serves as your oasis so you have to make it as homely as possible. Decorating your student room or doing your homework, you can always turn to professionals for help. Whether offline or online, you can do your homework fast if your living space is a good, positive haven. This certainly affects how you do your homework. 

Jazz up your quarter with some cheap student room ideas with a touch of your personality on a budget.

Top 9 Living Room Decorating Ideas

Here are some ways to transform your bedroom while saving money for your academics. With hard work, you’ll make the most of your space no matter how small or big it is. 

Create an Accent Wall 

Wall paint may not be allowed in your dorm but you can make a removable fabric wallpaper. It is not an easy task but when properly done, it adds color and personality inside your room. This can be great in lightly textured or smooth walls. 

The tapestry can be an alternative to put on your walls without damage on the surface. It is cheap and can be used along with your decorating clips. Choose from various styles, materials, and colors to suit your living needs. 

 Aesthetics with Some Fairy Lights

Bring out those fairy lights even when it is yet the festive season. Lights help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room giving it a distinct edge. They liven up your bare-walled living area.

There are many options for you to do the work. Try draping the lights over a bookshelf, hang them from the ceiling, or over a mirror. Make sure to secure them with thumbtacks or plastic adhesive tabs so as not to ruin the wall. 

Add Zest to Your Desk

Incorporate nature inside your room, especially in your desk, with some indoor plants. Succulents or money plants are good choices. Bring light to your studies as you do homework with lanterns. Stay minimal on your decoration to avoid clutter on your desk. Remain organized with a pen pot, paper rack, and in-tray.

 Use Storage Boxes and Separators 

Utilize storage solutions with drawer separators and/or boxes especially if there is limited space in your room. These storages are best inside or at the top of your wardrobe or wherever available space. They are also fit under the bed for easy access when necessary.

Make Your College Room Pop

Bring color into your space with comfortable bedsheets. There is no need to pay for expensive items. You can purchase some at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Just be patient in finding for the best fabric and hue for your bed. 

 Invest in Matching Pillow and Blanket

Establish a cozy ambiance of having your room and your life together away from home with a blanket that matches your pillow. These soft furnishings add texture and color to your new bedroom making it feel snug. This idea serves well during the chilly winter weather in Canada.

Set-Up a Memo Board

Install a multifunctional memo board. Pin your notes, plans, assignment, and other activities on the board to keep you posted. You can display some photos here too.  

A whiteboard calendar is not just a decorative idea but an educational tool as well. The calendar will be your guide so no schedule and appointments will be missed. This will be very helpful if you have struggled in keeping up with your “To-Dos” list.  

 Multi-Level Bookshelf

Display your books and other study materials in a multifunctional bookshelf properly. Framed photos, vinyl records, and any other decorative items can add sophistication to your student corner.

The shelf can also be a storage option for other things to save some space.

Cover Wires Diligently

Sticking out extension cords and wires out in the crannies and nooks of your room is unpleasant. Hide these untidy sights in decorative boxes or hollow books. Try to wrap them in a cloth matching the wall.

Creating a home away from home while you are studying does not have to spend a lot. All you need is a creative mind and hard work to decorate on a budget. Make your academic career as easy and as comfortable with the student room ideas presented above.  

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