Zain Kheraj: The Man Who Dared to Dream and Became One of the Leading Young Entrepreneurs of America

Kheraj is a businessman who is all about grit, courage and confidence


Life can surprise different people with different things in ways unknown and can literally change their lives overnight, by placing them in front of opportunities where people make decisions for themselves and their careers, and that’s where they take on a new journey for them and start exploring new things. One such courageous young man is Zain Kheraj, who knew what his true calling was and that’s what he did. He followed his heart and became one of the most prominent names in America as an entrepreneur as the head honcho of a sports consulting firm.

Born on July 6, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia and doing his finance major from the University of Georgia, Kheraj had an inclination towards any the field of consulting. That is what he kept dreaming about. So in the year 2016, he started working for a company named Berkshire Hathaway and in 2019 also left the company, because he desired to pursue his dream and his hobbies. It’s always a tough decision when you already have a high paying job, and still go for what your heart wishes.

Today, he owns multiple small businesses and real estate. However, the most famous one out of all of them is Trustmysystem (TMS) – this is a leading sports consulting firm in America. This company deals with gambling on sports, but with elite handicappers that cover all the sports. They work with 100 percent transparency, pocket-friendly packages and also elite customer service.

Kheraj professes the idea firmly to other young entrepreneurs that one must not listen to anybody and everybody while starting out, he tells them to focus on the grind and not to get discouraged when things do not go their way. In fact, he suggests them to become a problem solver and emphasizes on the fact that for every challenge they face, it gets them closer to their goals and vision.

There are a few other advises as well that Kheraj wishes to give new entrepreneurs. He tells them that in business, it is all about details, professionalism, and top customer service.

The biggest obstacle that Kheraj faced in life was pressure. His parents always wanted him to get a degree and do something great in the corporate world and were against his decision to quit his job at hand. Overcoming this pressure was essential and Kheraj did that. Eventually, his parents did understand, changed their minds and supported his dreams.

Speaking of his upcoming projects, Kheraj says that he wishes to expand his real estate portfolio and also work towards opening fast-food chain restaurants. There is also a new startup company in the pipeline that will soon go live in the near future.

Looking at his achievements already, there’s nothing, but the best we wish for Kheraj and all his future endeavours.

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