Inspiring Young Minds the Correct Way, Farhaz Kheraj Turned Every Opportunity Profitable in Front of Him to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

His company TrustMySystem (TMS) acts as a case study of success to many rising entrepreneurs of America


It is all about the choices one makes in his/her life. At the end of the day, what life gives you and what you make out of it is what defines you as an individual. But, to become an extraordinary individual one must also know how they can bring about success for themselves by making maximum use of the chances/opportunities life places in front of them. One such hero in the entrepreneurial world is Farhaz Kheraj. His intelligence and smartness made him take some tough but fruitful decisions in life because of which he has managed to count his name amongst many other young and successful entrepreneurs of America.

Kheraj was born on July 18, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia. Since his childhood, he was driven by his passion to chase his dreams. This made him a hustler who never handcuffed himself in an ordinary job scenario and wanted to become an entrepreneur. Kheraj wished to find a new industry and disrupt it with his talents and skills. Kheraj at only 16 was the only youngster in America who bought iPhones, unlocked them and even flipped them as a side hustle on Craigslist.

After getting his graduation with a major in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia, Kheraj started to work from an early age and stepped into Deloitte Consulting in the year 2018. But, he felt something was missing and his quest to know more things and become his own boss made him leave the company which provided him with a high salary job of 80K.

Kheraj is the proud founder and CEO of his sport consulting firm today known as TrustMySystem. This company is all about consulting in sports gambling. The company is ahead in the game in America with their class apart customer service and modest packages in the industry. Also, the company’s X factor is its transparency.

The young businessman is of the opinion that the biggest challenge an entrepreneur may face while starting a business is the execution part. It comes in the order of “dream, plan, execute.” However, many only dream about it and do not know how to go about planning and executing the same. It is imperative to take the first step towards it and begin executing the ideas and make dreams a reality. Talking about his biggest challenge, Kheraj said that it was when he walked away from his job, which paid an enormous amount, to start his journey as an entrepreneur with TMS.

Kheraj’s honesty, his constancy, professionalism and his abilities to adapt to changing and emerging trends and technology is what makes him unique from others.

What keeps this youngster going is the fact that he never gives up, and never takes a “no” for an answer. No matter the hurdles and odds he faces, he likes to learn through the process, keeps grinding and bounces back every time to achieve his goals in life.

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