Organization: The Key to Success in Every Moving Project

stress free moving

If you are moving a house, you must have heard that organization is the one thing you need to stick to while doing anything and everything. In Fact, the experts say that staying organized in planning the move to unpacking at the new home can make the entire process very easy and stress-free. 

The very first thing you need to do in order to get organized for the move is to get yourself a moving checklist. You can make one or get one at, a platform dedicated to making moving experiences happier and successful. Following the checklist will minimize the chances of error and work as a guide for what to do when and how. 

Besides a moving checklist, there are a number of ways you can stay organized while moving from one house to another, let’s check them out:

  • Plan the move ahead:

If you want to face a minimum or no problems as you get ready for a move, you must plan it in advance. The earlier you start the lesser problems and stress you will have to face. Lack of time often compels you to make hasty decisions that aren’t right all the time. 

Once you know that you are moving, it is no more a thing that can be changed. Better, start dedicating as much time to the moving process as you can and organize everything while keeping the stress levels in healthy limits.

  • Know your moving budget:

Moving cost is one thing that can give you sleepless nights. To avoid any such situation, it is recommended to make a moving budget in advance, after due consideration of all the factors. With the understanding of moving expenses awaiting you in the future, you can mentally and financially prepare yourself. This will give you a chance to evaluate whether or not you have enough money to move out. It is important to know that moving expenses are of a complicated nature and often moving costs are higher than what you have expected initially. Hence, having extra resources is recommended. Some of the costs you must be prepared for include; Moving company fees, Additional insurance, Extra moving services, Extra charges and fees, Truck Rental Cost, Fuel, Moving Equipment, packing expenses, etc.

  • Make your choice: Movers vs. DIY

Often people get confused about how they should move from one place to another. Should they hire a full service moving company or choose the DIY method? Before you choose one out of the two choices, you must evaluate a few things including:

  • The distance you have to travel
  • Are their specialty items in your inventory?
  • Will you get any help during the moving process?
  • Is it your first house move?
  • Make a moving inventory:

It is advisable to make an inventory of all the items you have before you start packing and moving them. Working on an organized schedule, you must raid each one of your rooms and makes a list of items you possess. This will help you in efficient packing as you will know what item to pack in which cardboard box. Moreover, the inventory list will highlight the unwanted items that you do not want in your inventory. You can use the information to declutter your belongings and decide what to Sell, Donate or Throw away.

  • Work on the documents:

Every household has a number of documents and with the additional paperwork related to the moving process, you need to make sure you keep them organized. To ensure you have all your moving inventory at one place, you must first know what the important documents are:

  • moving cost estimates,
  • order of service,
  • bill of lading,
  • home inventory sheets,
  • moving checklists,
  • floor plans,
  • list of donations,
  • school and medical records,
  • financial documents including all types of receipts,
  • other moving company paperwork 

Other documents that you will have at your home include:

  • personal documents
  • employment documents
  • legal documents
  • financial documents
  • motor vehicle documents
  • Follow the right packing strategy:

Packing is one of the most complicated phases of the entire moving process. if you don’t pack right and efficiently, you expose your belongings to a great extent of risks. There is always the option to engage movers for packing tasks but if you are aware of the packing techniques, you can always rely on your skills. The one thing you must know about packing is when to start and from where. It is recommended to start as early as possible and pack the non-essential items or the items you use occasionally in the first phase. The essential items must be packed at the last stage of the packing process. 

While packing make note that you make an inventory of every item in the box, label each box and get the items delivered in the right room once you reach your new house.

These are a few tips that can help you stay organized during a move. Follow them and make your move swift and stress-free.


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