Let’s Talk about Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta’s Unique Vlog Personalities


We are excited to introduce to you Alexandra Creteau and David Murrieta, Jr. We will be exploring how the idea of vlogging together struck the couple.

Introducing David

What is your background David and what inspires you to become a fashion blogger?

“Being Born on the 4th of July of 1986 in San Jose, California. I am proud of my heritage being half Mexican and half Korean. Being able to fulfill my lifelong dream jobs in Law Enforcement and Business with the respected degrees in each, I felt like something was missing. I feel like I have been given a second chance at happiness. While having the opportunity to work upon some acting projects in San Francisco, I felt this electric connection to the industry. This introduced me to my first love: acting. I eventually tried modelling, dabbled in a bit of blogging, and offer tips on lifestyle and fashion through my Instagram.

All my ventures have taught me to be professional, innovative, and prompt that further helped me to get into vlogging with the love of my life Alexandra.” David`s Instagram: @David_murrietta .

Introducing Alexandra

Alexandra Creteau born on 8th September 1986 in the small yet beautiful city of Chernovtsy, Ukraine and spent most of her childhood there. After studying Civil and Criminal law in college in Ukraine, she relocated with her family to Russia at the age of 18 to live close to her relatives and extended family. At the age of 21, she moved to the United States, where she realized her love for modelling and acting. Alexandra`s Instagram : @alexandracreteau .

“My modelling career began in New England (Boston area). Gradually, I discovered my love for acting and being in front of the camera. Acting has been my biggest passion although modelling has been a driving force for me as well.

It wasn’t until I met David that the final puzzle piece had fallen into place. We had the same long term goals along with the same burning passion for acting, modelling, and blogging that our dreams led us to the idea to start video blogging together and now we pursue our passion as a couple.”

Tell us more about your Instagram and YouTube experience and how has been your growth on YouTube as a couple?

David Murrietta – “Alexandra introduced me to the world of being a social media influencer through Instagram. I had been on Instagram before, but Alex helped be to the next level. She featured me in her vlogs on some of the Russian YouTube channels, giving me a taste of that world. As that channel grew in popularity, we received numerous requests from our viewers to create videos as a couple which ultimately landed our couples’ channel. It was then that we decided to film vlogs together for our English YouTube channel: Dalex Vlogs.

Our journey from single actors to mingle as a social media influencer couple has been great with the love and support of your viewers has inspired us to keep exploring the world together.”

Alexandra Creteau – “My love for acting was sparked by the joy I got from shooting my vlogs for my Russian YouTube channel. After meeting David, we realized our love for the silver screen is a gravitational force between us.

We decided to take the plunge and start an English YouTube channel as a couple.

If you ask me, it is great to live with your work partner. You have the best of both worlds having your co-host and man of your dreams in one. Sometimes, editing can take more time than creating a video outline or filming itself. Our primary love for work brought us closer as a vlogging duo and couple.”

How You Work Out Responsibilities While Shooting Or Editing Your Vlogs?

Alexandra Creteau – “We are clear about our duties and have set guidelines for the division of responsibility.

While one comes up with topics/outlines for the video, the other one takes the responsibility of setting up equipment. Knowing that each of us understands their responsibilities allows us to not interfere in the role and duties of the other. One can decide upon the mood/flow of the video, while the other one takes care of the story. One is in charge of edits.

This way our finished videos turn out to be the way they should be. Proper division of responsibilities and maintaining the balance with authorities is the secret of our success.”

David Murrieta – “Sharing our responsibilities has helped define our roles and contribution in each video. However, the roles can change depending upon the requirement of the content or theme. We are adaptable and can reach out to the mind of each other well. Depending on the vision one of us has for a video, there is room for those roles to shift. This adaptability between us has helped us a lot in making a seamless transition from one video to the next and has privately contributed towards our success.”

What Do You Like The Most About Youtube And Instagram?

Alexandra Creteau- “As a couple who share a common interest and work passion, going outside the 9 to 5 pm job together is fun and a chance to create the content of our choice with my life partner, anywhere anytime in the world!

Creating numerous YouTube and Instagram videos and stories have helped us in creating lifetime memories of our work and togetherness in what seems like a short period.”

David Murrietta- “I would have to agree 100%! A 9 to 5 was never my cup of tea. Our love for the camera has been the biggest reward for a couple like us who can create the unique YouTube channel like ours. The workload we have in creating these videos allows us to spend a lot of time together that helps us focus and grow as a couple, more than we could have ever imagined. Creating positive content for our viewers of all ages has been an enjoyable task.

Working with the love of your life has its perks.

I mean, if you could travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife, explore and crack some jokes along the way while laughing and creating lasting memories and timeless content: who wouldn’t want that?”

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