Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scottsdale Explains How Social Media Helped Him Build His Brand


Social media can be a massive steppingstone to any business’s success. Social media has expanded our marketing opportunities by providing broader visibility and the chance to reach our unique target audiences effectively in today’s digital world. By bringing people together and sharing your mission with them, you can grow a strong following with your authentic voice and company values. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Mata born on February 3rd 1979 in Erie, Pennyslvania and American citizen, has built a powerful brand as the famous Dr. Scottsdale. He has brought people together, especially, those who want to learn more about the benefits of plastic surgery.

D​r. Scottsdale isn’t just well-followed, he is well-respected too. With his practice in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Scottsdale helps patients seeking cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reconstruction, and mommy makeover. “My personal brand, Dr. Scottsdale®, is unique to me and the Scottsdale, Arizona area,” says Dr. Scottsdale. “It took years of hard work to develop this name, and social media was the start of everything.”

Many people are turning to the internet to ask questions, and Dr. Scottsdale wasn’t afraid to embrace that. “At first, doctors were shocked to see patients turn to social media for research, but the truth is the digital world is the first step,” explains Dr. Scottsdale. “Offering solid information that patients can trust, this is how you build a following of future patients who trust you before they even set foot into your clinic.”

D​r. Scottsdale views social media as a proving ground where you can address patients’ concerns and alleviate their fears. “People have questions and answering them is important no matter if it’s face to face or over social media” states Dr. Scottsdale. Dr. Scottsdale’s Instagram @drscottsdale is full of reliable and helpful information with a burgeoning community that patients can rely on for support.

Dr. Scottsdale’s philosophy is to help people “be your own kind of beautiful” which he promotes with inspiring, personal, and educational content. His goal is to help people achieve beauty on their own terms. Dr. Scottsdale ensures that every procedure is personalized to the patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Scottsdale’s approach focuses on natural results. He uses social media to give his patients a preview of what to expect. “It’s all about honesty and transparency,” explains Dr. Scottsdale. “I believe social media gives you the power to share your mission and empowers patients to make the right choices.”

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