Your Dissertation Structure with Examples

thesis defense

The defense of the thesis is the logical completion of postgraduate studies. After defending this scientific work, the applicant gets the degree. Writing requires a comprehensive analysis of information, a large stock of theoretical knowledge, and the ability to apply it in practice. This can take months or even years. Some students don’t have such a possibility and they address such platforms as EssaysMatch that provide them with numerous opportunities. It allows one to get a good grade without spending days and nights for writing.

How to Start Writing Your Thesis?

First, you need to write a plan for a future dissertation and clearly follow it, without leaving the topic. All items should be in a logical order. This will simplify and significantly speed up the writing process. Moreover, it will help you to have a broader look at the completed work and add something if necessary.

Cover Page

The title page is the face of scientific work and a source of information about it. It is very important to comply with all requirements, avoid grammatical errors, and typos. After all, this will significantly spoil the first impression of the work done.

The title page must indicate:

  • Name of the course or subject;
  • Full name of the educational institution where the work was performed;
  • Title of the dissertation;
  • Name of student;
  • Desired degree and science field;
  • Position, academic degree, the full name of the supervisor;
  • City and year of writing the document.

Page of Contents Design

The content is the plan of the candidate dissertation. The headings of the work listed on this page are necessarily numbered in order. An exception is applications, bibliography, introduction, conclusion. You should also indicate the page numbers of each section.

The Structure of the Main Part

The plan for the main part is approximately the same for all specialties. But each institution may have individual requirements and preferences. For clarification, it is best to contact the professor or the curator of your work.

Basically, the first chapter always includes theoretical research data, analysis of literary sources, description of research methods. You can also specify the goals of your research and describe how to solve them.

In the second chapter of the thesis, it is worth talking about experiments, calculations, and methods for improving data. Based on the data obtained, it is worth planning scenarios for the development of the subject, suggesting solutions to problems. All results should be taken into account during research. This information is indicated in the third chapter of the dissertation.

What to Write About in the Conclusion?

The conclusion is one of the main parts of the dissertation. It often happens that commission members read-only an introduction and a conclusion from all the work. From these sections, one can judge the competence of the applicant, the relevance and usefulness of his or her research. Do not neglect this part of the dissertation.

In conclusion, it is worth indicating the results of the studies done. Their number should be directly proportional to the number of tasks assigned.

List of References

In the bibliography, you must specify all sources of literature that were used in this written work, including your publications in scientific journals. According to most formatting styles, the sources are numbered and arranged in alphabetical order. You should follow all the requirements provided by your professor while writing a thesis.


Supporting materials that were not included in the main section of the dissertation are included in the appendices. Depending on the field, these can be drawings, tables, diagrams, graphs, etc.

Making a dissertation is painstaking work, it is important to adhere to all requirements. Besides, new editions of formatting style guides are constantly appearing. We recommend you to find out about all the changes in advance, at the stage of preparing the dissertation. This will help to avoid the thorough editing of the dissertation text.


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