This Era is All About Digital Marketing: Says Rishabh Jain, a Digital Entrepreneur


Digital marketer and entrepreneur Rishabh Jain, owner of Digital Business Incubator, believes that the digital marketing era has just begun in India. Shortly, digital marketing is going to take over almost all other ways of marketing. With the increased usage of mobile, laptops, tablets and internets, it has become super easy to target audiences nowadays is what Rishabh thinks and suggests to other newbies.

Elaborating the scope of Digital marketing in India & worldwide, he suggests that its high time that one should prefer digital marketing ways to promote their businesses. In this era, digital marketing processes are the only way to grow at a faster pace, provided if it is done correctly! He further adds that Digital marketing is a vast thing to start with. You can quickly master one niche and run your business effectively. Talking about his own business and expertise, he added that he holds expertise in Facebook Ads, and this is what helps him in running his client’s campaigns to generate sales and revenue for their businesses.

When asked about his struggle, he told us that he only had to hold his determination to learn new things daily. He dreamt of starting his firm at the time but never thought that it would be possible so soon. He remembers the day when he joined a startup company where he got the opportunity to brush up his skills, including digital marketing skills as well. This was the time when he decided that he wanted to be in this field. From here, he didn’t turn back! He studied, learnt and practiced every knowledge he will acquire – eighth from books, videos or any guide.

He is one of the best Facebook Ads experts in India today, where he set up a variety of campaigns to help their clients in growing their businesses. Rishabh says that yes, when it comes to ads – both Facebook and Google ads are going to be on the top for every digital marketer shortly. These ads will help them in generating leads, conversion and growth of the business of theirs and their clients! He also adds that today wherever he is – it’s just because he has that hold on Facebook Ads.  Rishabh didn’t miss to add and praise the first hi steam members put in growing his company. He said, so far we have worked with 45+ clients all over India and few clients from overseas, and he can proudly say that they are the best team when it comes to getting results.

When we asked him for any message to the aspiring entrepreneurs, he told us that “thinking of being an entrepreneur is a great thing, but they must be able to dedicate themselves to their businesses”.  He also added that with the increasing technologies and competition, every aspiring should be updated with the latest one when they opt to start a business of their own!

He also added that he is much interested in guiding those aspirants who want to make their career in the field of digital marketing or want to start their digital marketing firm. He told us that, if someone is passionate enough, they must be provided with the quality knowledge and he certainly wants to help people around him who want to be a successful digital entrepreneur.

With such a mindset and successful career Rishabh is undoubtedly one of the youngest and successful digital entrepreneurs. We wished him all the best and wrapped up our meeting with him!

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