The importance of supporting local business during the coronavirus pandemic

Open for Business on New Year's Day?

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything it’s how vital our local businesses are. Whilst larger chain supermarkets have remained open throughout the crisis, hundreds of small independent businesses have been forced to either shut completely or change the way they function. 

With more businesses than ever either closing, struggling or applying for small business loans as a result of the pandemic and its potential lasting effects, more of us need to start thinking local. Shunning the big chain convenience stores and their low prices might seem like a tough pill to swallow but if you were under any illusion that shopping local wasn’t important, we’re here to prove you otherwise. 

Local economies 

We are increasingly becoming a more closed-off society and as such, it’s never been more important to take care of our own. Local businesses are the backbone of many small towns and villages with high streets across the country acting as tourist attractions for many. Research has shown that for every $10 spent in a local independent shop, $50 goes back into the local economy so once lockdown ends, make sure you pay a visit to your local.

Creating jobs

Shopping locally means you’re having a positive impact on the local economy, which has a trickle effect when it comes to employment. Indeed, local businesses are some of the largest employers of jobs on a national level and are more likely to pay competitive wages than their major competitors.


Even with an Amazon Prime account, shopping online means having to wait for a delivery. Not only that but in an age when we’re all incredibly nervous about allowing unfamiliar people access to our homes, shopping online means potentially opening your home up to delivery men and women that might not respect social distancing guidelines. Shopping locally means you know who you’re dealing with and puts you in control.

Customer service

Chain businesses will tell their staff to act a certain way and offer the same service to every customer. Local businesses, meanwhile, are allowed a little more wiggle room to give that extra personal touch. Local businesses will also arrange inventory based on the needs of their regulars, so if you keep going back then you should always have no problem finding what you need.


Supporting local businesses shouldn’t be about feeling some sort of loyalty towards them just because they are local but because they are a large and important part of the wider community. And in the weeks and months to come, we’re all going to need as much of that community spirit as possible. So keep that British tradition of local love alive and support your local businesses this summer!

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