What HighKey Technology Inc. has to offer?


@highkeyco has many things to be proud of including their amazing products and customer service. They sell products from their website including their black and gold HighKey backpack, their HighKey portable speaker, and last but not least their best selling HighKey Wireless Earbuds.

These fully waterproof earbuds fit nicely inside their provided charging case and are sold online for $99.99 USD. They provide you with high-quality sound and maximum comfort and guaranteed fit, making them perfect for all activities. They have a built-in HD microphone and are noise-canceling for better focus. They easily pair to your device via Bluetooth and connect to your phone within seconds due to their amazing 5.0 auto-pairing technology. You get to choose between black and red for the color of your set and it comes with an instruction manual to get set up and a USB charging cable for the charging case.

On their website www.highkeyco.com, they share “We pride ourselves with the community and loyal fan base we have built, across all the social media platforms. We specifically dedicate most of our time on Instagram (@highkeyco) and Snapchat (highkeyco.com). On Instagram we make comedic skits, revolving around key experiences and problems we encountered throughout our lives. On Snapchat we show the day to day living and activities of us, while we run our company and film content for our other social media platforms.”

They also have a 5 point guarantee on their products. These 5 points include a 14-day money-back guarantee, a tracking number for every order, safe payments via credit card or PayPal, real customer service representatives on their LiveChat and email, and no customs charges on delivery.

HighKey Co. has a total of 4 warehouses around the world in order to make shipping the most efficient for everyone. They have one of their warehouses in central Canada, one in China and one on the east and west coast of the United States. This type of shipping strategy assures that no customers receive custom charges upon delivery and promises fast and accurate delivery. For Canada and US shipping, it only takes 2-6 business days so that they can get the product out of the warehouse and into your hand as soon as possible.

This company has tons of 5-star ratings on their website with tons of written experiences on why these earbuds are so loved all over the world. Don’t forget to get your sleek new pair today at www.highkeyco.com.

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