Dr. Jay Feldman: How a Passion for Entrepreneurship Led to the Creation of Multiple Successful Businesses


Are you thinking of launching your first business, but find the idea of it daunting? Imagine owning and spearheading four of them! Speak to any serial entrepreneur, and he or she will tell you, it is not that nerve-racking to start and manage more than one business. After all, the same range helps in strengthening financial security and demands to utilize all the skills to keep the companies running. 28-year-old South Florida native, Dr. Jay Feldman, is one such medical professional-turned-entrepreneur who has that rare and skillful ability to turn unique ideas into multiple businesses that are both profitable and innovative.

A curious blend of passion, ambition, and entrepreneurship fuels Dr. Feldman’s busy lifestyle. When speaking on his transition from medicine to entrepreneurship, Dr. Feldman shared, “When I embarked on my professional journey, I chose medicine because I wanted to do something altruistic. Making this world a better place was something I have always aimed for and prioritized. As time passed, I realized that the most effective way for me to help people is through my skills in business. And that’s how, after years of playing it safe, I switched gears and launched my first business in 2018 – a social media marketing agency that I fondly named Instelite.”

Always on the leading edge and cusp of new trends and inventions, the young entrepreneur has become a true pacesetter and a familiar name in the world of startups in New York. Year after year, Dr. Feldman has founded and added a list of service-based companies to his repertoire, the benefits of which are being reaped by millions of people around the world. His experience and journey from a struggling innovator to preeminent entrepreneur inspired many when he founded Otter Public Relations – a media agency, and Food Equality Corp – a non-profit dedicated to fighting food inequality, both in the year 2019. More recently, Dr. Feldman has been heavily involved in creating portable and affordable home exercise systems where he will be offering free live training and videos through the means of his newly-launched brand, REX Fitness.

Having built and invested in multiple businesses in the last five years, he continues to mentor and guide startups across different areas. Dr. Feldman strongly believes in stepping out of his comfort zone and discovering the power of innovation, conceptualization, and execution. The idea that entrepreneurs are dreamers, as well as doers, pushed him on the path to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. To this, he further added, “My outlook towards the entrepreneurial world is very different from most. More than a profession, I consider my work to be something that I have always liked and wanted to do. Owing to my digital, medical, and technological expertise, my mind is constantly active, thinking of new ideas that are practical, usable, and simple from a perspective of making the quality of life better.”

The need to witness first-hand the results of his efforts is what inspires him to be his own boss. And if there’s a piece of advice that the young doctor-turned-entrepreneur shares, it is to take quick and enormous action when you see something that you want to pursue.

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