Ishu Preet Singh Has Emerged out as a Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in Digital Media


Ishu Preet Singh happens to be among the youngest digital entrepreneur who now owns the digital company called Smartercircle starting the same at the age of sixteen.

He is the CEO of the company and started working in this domain since 2016 start doing things at the age of 12 years emerging as a competent man in the domain of digital marketing. He has come a long way in establishing himself as a competent digital marketer. He has worked with top actors and artists as a digital entrepreneur including music by prit, Simran Jeet Singh, Arshiya, Anushka Mitra, Roy Fernandes, Rajeev Walia, Kd Singh, Aman dhillon, Parma music, and many more. It was always his dream to embark upon his own company and always felt that his hard work. Hence he was able to accomplish his dream with the same.

He then embarked upon his own company operating it from Kashmir where he belongs. And as he says, he always wanted to work with top people from the creative industry to have a good fortune. Now, he shifted his base now to Kashmir just to remain amidst Mother Nature and work with the team. He gets the opportunity to work with many clients. While working in Kashmir when the communication is stranded but he is hopeful to see things working right.

He said his hard work and dedication did pay off for which smarter circle has come this for today. Being the CEO of smartercircle he is very much focused on how to make it large and recognized in the industry.

This young lad is not only an Inspiration for the youth but also a live example of how teenagers and youngsters should value their parent’s time, money and love and make better uses of it.

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