3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile Today

Man and woman holding smartphone and making payment transaction. Smart phone screen displaying payment sent and money received message after transaction.

Be it the movie theatres, the tuition centers, shopping malls, clubs, or metro stations. One thing you will see everywhere is a smartphone being used.

Did you know that almost 45.04 percent of the total world’s population owns a smartphone today? Did you know that more than half of them use these devices even when shopping in person? Why?

Because the power of the internet has made smartphones really smart. They offer a smooth user experience — be it shopping, booking flight tickets, or an appointment to your favorite salon. 

Mobile is the present and the future. It is an ever-evolving platform for gaining knowledge and discovering new products/ services. 

Mobile influences product purchase decisions. That’s why mobile marketing is essential for businesses in all industries. 

What Can Mobile Do For Your Business?

As mentioned above, mobility has a significant impact on buyers’ purchase journeys. If your brand has a good mobile presence and offers an excellent mobile experience to the users, it’s highly likely that the users will keep returning.

Mobile browsing can say a lot about how you form connections with your prospects and also help you curate marketing campaigns designed for smartphone users.

Still not convinced to go mobile? Well, read on to know the 3 reasons why you should care about mobile marketing.

Boost Website Traffic And Engagement

A lot of businesses have become mobile adaptive in the last few years? Why?

It’s simple. Our behaviors have shifted. We do more browsing through our smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that a mobile app can substitute the website.

Both — the mobile application and website have equal significance. This means they have to work hand in hand to boost awareness. 

If you are building a mobile application to drive traffic to the website, you have to ensure that the site is optimized, mobile-friendly, and highly responsive. And therefore, you must seek help from website designers in Greenville, SC.

Provide Better Value To Customers 

Since almost half of the world’s population owns a mobile device, the importance of curating mobile marketing strategies cannot be understated. 

That said, having a platform for customers to access information about your offerings, raise queries, and make important buying decisions can boost customer awareness and sales. When more and more prospects see your mobile marketing efforts and get everything they want at the comfort of their own smartphones, they become loyal to your brand.

And that’s why it is important to go mobile. When you have a mobile application and mobile-friendly website in place, you provide better value and customer service to the users.

Brand Visibility 

According to a previous study, an average American spent almost 4.5 hours a day on their smartphone. That’s a lot! And we are pretty sure that during the pandemic, the number has definitely increased. And while only a few apps make the bulk of the everyday usage, we cannot ignore the fact that users scroll through the apps to see what they want to use. 

And that’s where going mobile presents great opportunities and advantages. Users have high expectations. They want to access everything, trust us when we say this, literally everything through their smartphones. So, if you have a dedicated mobile app for your users, not only will this satisfy their expectations for an easy browsing experience, but also strengthen your brand visibility. 

And as you know, you can only win brand loyalty when your customers trust you. 

Final Thoughts

People would freak out if we asked them to imagine a life without smartphones. 

Mobile phones haven’t just become a part of our daily routine; they have become an addiction. That said, it’s essential for businesses to accommodate the shift from desktop to mobile. 

Having a well-built, excellently-designed mobile application and a mobile-friendly, highly-responsive website is the only way to stand ahead of the competition. Do not forget to hire a graphic designer in Greenville, SC, to help you with mobile marketing. 

If you haven’t already gone mobile, now is the time.


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