Getting the Message Across: Digital Signage Software and Employee Apps

Apple iPhone 15 Pro - Ice Universe / Twitter
Apple iPhone 15 Pro - Image Credit - Ice Universe / Twitter

As the workplace evolves, companies are adopting new technologies to better engage with employees and customers. Two emerging platforms – digital signage software and employee apps – provide innovative ways to communicate and drive impact through the modern, mobile workforce.

Digital signage presents dynamic multimedia content on screens placed throughout offices, stores, lobbies, waiting areas, and other venues. This provides key benefits:

Digital signs grab more attention with eye-catching visuals, videos, and scrolling text instead of static posters.

Content can be instantaneously updated and tailored to each screen from a central CMS.

Signs can be used for wayfinding, promotions, dashboards, emergency messaging, training, and more.

Analytics provide insights into viewer demographics, content resonance, optimal placement, and more.

Cloud-based SaaS models require low upfront investment and are scalable.

Robust digital signage platforms provide powerful tools to publish, manage, and analyze content:

– Intuitive drag-and-drop CMS

– Content scheduling and rotation

– Customizable templates and branding

– Remote screen management

– Detailed usage analytics

– API integrations with other systems

– Content portability across devices

– Offline playback support

Best Practices for Implementation

Follow these tips to maximize effectiveness:

  • Avoid excessive text and quickly convey key information.
  • High-resolution images and videos optimize engagement.
  • This maintains interest and keeps displays looking fresh.
  • Consider sightlines, foot traffic patterns, and wait times.
  • Integrate QR code scans, SMS texts, and live social feeds.
  • Use data insights to fine-tune content approaches and placement.

An employee app provides a readily accessible mobile platform for organizations to connect and engage with staff. Key benefits include:

Apps enable employees to get news and information directly on their mobile devices wherever they are.

Important updates across locations and departments are instantly shareable via push notifications.

Branded apps align the employee experience across the organization with standardized content and tools.

In-app chat and forums foster connectivity and teamwork company-wide.

Personalized content can be provided based on the user’s location, role, preferences, and behavior.

Gamification through quizzes, contests, and achievements drives active app usage.

Analytics reveal which app features and content employees find most useful.

Employee App Capabilities

Some of the most valued features include:

Review company news, employee highlights, and status updates in a familiar social media style feed. Employees can like and comment.

Facilitates quick communication between individuals or groups. Fosters camaraderie.

Provides details on upcoming company-sponsored events, deadlines, activities, and holidays.

Gives mobile access to eLearning modules, training videos, online courses, and other L&D resources.

Enables quick pulse surveys and feedback collection on key topics. Provides sentiment analytics.

Wellness Tracking

Allows employees to log health activities, set goals, and participate in challenges.

Lets employees acknowledge coworkers with virtual badges, points, and rewards for excellent work.

A platform for employees to submit and vote on ideas for improving the organization.

To gauge effectiveness, companies should analyze metrics like:

– Employee app download rates

– Frequency of use

– Which features are most utilized

– Engagement levels across locations and departments

– Satisfaction survey feedback

By combining the visual impact of digital signage with the interactive employee connectivity of mobile apps, organizations can promote stronger alignment, communication, and culture across today’s dynamic work environments.


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