Adpr is Taken Over by Sandy Idigbe Consultancy


In the recent years, millions of women worldwide have either started working or running new businesses. The concept of female entrepreneurialism has taken an upward graph more than ever. Among the firsts to witness success and bring significant changes pertaining to equality and social issues in the United Kingdom, Sandy Idigbe, has given recognition to female entrepreneurship in the country. With the arrival of the second quarter of the year, the London-based entrepreneur has announced the take over of Alex & Dave PR (ADPR) by Sandy Idigbe Consultancy.

Through a portfolio spanning lobbying organizations, campaign marketing agency, and branding consultancy, Idigbe has added yet another vertical of PR – all under one umbrella. Today, her consultancy is regarded as the frontrunner in the property, recruitment, and advertisement industry. Speaking on the announcement, Idigbe said, “I’m certain that this deal will bring in a lot of growth in 2020 and the following years. The union of both these businesses will bring with itself countless opportunities, employment, and importantly, growth & profitability. We are all optimistic and can foresee improvement taking place on a year-on-year basis.”

Besides being a successful female entrepreneur, Idigbe has also achieved the admirable feat as a campaigner, influencer, and an advocate of equality and social issues. With a team of hundreds of thousands of workforce spread around the world, Idigbe proudly boasts of completing over a decade in the governmental, recruitment, and CSR industry as an independent entrepreneur.

Conquering her fears and enjoying the ride is what has made this London-native forge ahead in the last few years. “Being termed a change-maker by colleagues, critiques, and clients is a huge commendation as well as responsibility. I’ll continue to build an ecosystem that encourages both, equality and empowerment,” added Idigbe.

The consultancy founder also has long-term plans for the growth of ADPR whilst being under the wings of Sandy Idigbe consultancy.

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