Xander Neff, Viral Motivation


Thinking about the future is important, but thinking about the presence is Xander Neff’s main priority. You can spend all of your time planning for the future and in the blink of an eye, everything can change and then you just wasted valuable time when you instead could be focusing on what’s going on right now. “Live in the moment you’re only here today.” He takes on every day as if it were Friday and always has a big smile on his face.

 When asking Xander what he wants to be remembered for, he told us that his story of facing every David and Goliath challenge, coming out a victor with a smile on his face motivating and inspiring others to never give up no matter how large or challenging life gets. “Anything worth having or dreaming about is worth putting in all the work for. Handouts and shortcuts create lazy people, hard workers who never give up create legacy’s that will always be remembered.”

He takes his biggest struggles as his biggest gift and believes that, that is what people want to see. That is what people will fall in love with, not someone who didn’t put in any work and who was handed all he had. Inspiration will motivate people into following in your footsteps. Be the leader that you would want to have. Xander doesn’t want others to feel bad for the obstacles he faced in life, he wants them to look up to him and see that he was able to rise up to become the man that he is known to be today. Seeing the bigger picture always gets him through the day. 

Be kind and be smart. Work smarter, not harder, that will make life a whole lot easier. Xander’s mindset throughout his entire life has aided in leading him to the life he is now blessed to be living. He lives a positive lifestyle and encourages others to be their best selves as well. His captivating smile and smooth-talking help him get far in any industry. If you aren’t taking in every moment with a positive outlook, it will show itself to others in your work and in the way you live your life. Surround yourself with happy and motivated people and shortly you will follow their lead. No need to be around negative energy as it spreads fast. Be the light in someone’s day, today.  

Social media is a tool that Xander uses to communicate with his over 200,000 followers. Listen to other’s ideas and feedback, you never know what opinions from people on the outside could positively affect your career. Take time throughout your day to open messages and read through comments. Opportunities present themselves through many forms. In this day and age with platforms blowing up with millions of people from all around the world, you never know when someone is going to pop up at the right time and make you an offer that you can’t refuse. With that being said, Xander never forgets to thank his supporters for following him throughout his journey and for growing with him.

Xander explains that his three-step foundation plan for starting a business, he shares, “Having a constructed vision, a plan that involves problem-solving, and the ability to execute will jumpstart you through any challenges ahead.” Following these simple steps make any problem that comes your way just that much easier to manage. It will ultimately create less stress on you and the company.

Speaking of companies, Xander Neff is proud to introduce his new company XK Luxury LLC. A professional modeling agency. Click here to take a look at what Xander has to offer.

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