Apps to Help You Get your Things Done On Time

Apps to Help You Get your Things Done On Time

In our age of desktops, smartphones, and tablets, notes are not crumpled pieces of paper with hasty notes that are easy to forget. That is why planning, organizing your tasks, or creating a to-do list online is a vital habit to establish. All online planners can be conveniently sorted, categorized, and assigned labels, as well as setting reminders. These apps will help you to get things done on time. is a popular application with basic features in a fairly convenient feed. The interface allows a traditional scheme of tasks, subtasks, and notes. You can add notes to remind yourself of what needs to be done. It also offers cloud synchronization for viewing lists from various devices, as well as with the calendar. Most of the necessary features are added in the free version, so this application has many fans. The good news is that there is no too intrusive advertising.

A simple and functional task manager is divided into four sections, which you will see immediately as soon as you open the application. These sections are Today, Tomorrow, Later, and Without Time. You can add tasks to these sections not only with manual input but also with the help of voice.

Case notes help to prioritize tasks. The manager has two types of notifications, according to the time you specify, and upon the arrival at a certain point in the area.


CloudTasks helps to maintain a to-do list that is perfectly synchronized with Google Tasks and works through the cloud. For the user’s work, all the basic features and functions of the application are available. There are different models of priority and urgency of tasks, plus an unlimited volume of task lists.

The program has an attractive design and control panel. Thanks to this interface, it is a simple solution for managing your business. But despite this simplicity, the application copes with its tasks perfectly. In addition to all the basic features, it has built-in support for the CloudCal cloud calculator.

Todoist is a modern task manager suitable for both mobile and desktop devices, with the help of addons for Google Chrome. Conveniently, the program has an offline mode, tags, and folders. It supports Android Wear. A special “karma” system shows your productivity for the required period. However, to get many other features, you need to buy a paid version.

The desktop and mobile versions are not much different, except for the presence of hot keys. In the paid version of the application, you will receive additional features, such as mobile and email reminders, comments, attached files, automatic backups, and user filters. If you really need these functions to work with a manager, then you should pay attention to the paid version.

Apps to Help You Get your Things Done On Time

Microsoft Office Suite

Programs from the Microsoft Office Suite combine powerful functionality and usability. Therefore, they are excellent for creating and editing word documents of any complexity. Plus, these apps can be integrated with Microsoft Cloud services, and you can access files on any device and work on shared documents with other people.

A lot of students learn how to use Excel and PowerPoint to full capability, but most of them still need Excel homework help, as utilizing it may be tacky. However, when it comes to making notes in Microsoft Office software, it is hard to find a more comfortable solution.

Look Up

The Look Up application will take care of your health, or rather, your eyesight. It helps to reduce eye muscle tension from working at the computer by reminding you of tearing yourself away from the screen for a few seconds and looking into the distance. Look Up also has a selection of simple exercises for stretching a stiff back and other muscles.

This online service is a universal solution for various platforms. You can work in the scheduler through programs for Windows and Mac or using mobile applications for Android and iOS. The free version for PC is implemented as a web service or a plug-in for such browsers as Firefox, Safari, Chrome. The paid Pro version of has client applications for Windows and Mac OS.

In the case of using the paid Pro version, the service ensures synchronization of to-do lists between all devices on which the service is installed and connected. The program is built on the principles of using the well-known Get Things Done (GTD) ideology, so here, you will find contexts, goals, and other elements of this time management system. users can complete lists in full and short mode. In the second case, only the task name is entered, and in full-mode, the date, place, folder, priority, and tags are indicated. The program provides convenient sorting of tasks according to various criteria, including by end time, place, project, or priorities.

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