Simple Exercises for Your Back That Help You Stay Healthy and Toned

A Simple Exercise for Your Back That Helps You Stay Healthy and Toned

There is no living person on this planet who didn’t have a back problem at least once in their life, and because we all had, we know how much inconvenience, pain, and pressure it can cause. Unfortunately, modern working or studying conditions are among those that seem to be the main reasons why we go to the physician and ask for treatment and back relief. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do something to prevent those issues from occurring. In this article, you’ll find what can cause them and learn the basic exercises for people with back problems.

What Causes Back Pain?

A Simple Exercise for Your Back That Helps You Stay Healthy and Toned

Here we can list a lot of things that can lead to spine problems, and the first we need to talk about is a sedentary lifestyle the majority of people have. If you’re a student, do you even realize how many hours you spend in a sitting position, which in 99% involves the wrong posture when attending the lectures, searching for the materials or free papers online, preparing for the test and working on any assignment? Don’t worry, we can tell you the approximate number: 6 to 8 hours per day. For an office worker, it can be 7 to 9. What’s wrong with this, you’d ask?

Well, the wrong sitting position that you ‘practice’ daily for a pretty long time causes problems with the blood circulation and leads to muscles’ lack of elastics, strength and slow atrophy. Plus, long sitting keeps some of the muscles working non-stop and, just like the people do, they get stiff and tired.  And what is back if not the bunch of muscles that keep your body moving and make sure you don’t all apart? Exactly. It’s predicted that in 50 years, the number of the locomotive system disorder will triple. Pretty harsh future, right? Well, the good news is that you can prevent this from happening by taking daily care of your back. Below are the exercises for the low impact workout for bad back.

Stretching: 45/15 Rule

A Simple Exercise for Your Back That Helps You Stay Healthy and Toned

Back stretches is a great exercise to keep your back flexible and you might want to do it according to the 45/15 rule: after every 45 minutes of sitting, do 15 minutes of workout or stretching. However, you should always check with your feelings: chances are you might need to do it oftener. Child pose you might know from yoga is a perfect way to relax the muscles, have a break from what are you doing, and recharge well enough to continue working on that project. Of course, it’s easier to do at home than in the public place, so you might also consider the pyramid or tree pose while waiting for the plagiarism software to finish.

Plank Standing

A Simple Exercise for Your Back That Helps You Stay Healthy and Toned

If you exercise with an instructor or watch fitness videos, you know about the plank. Yes, that one you hate and that one you need to do. Any fitness trainer will tell you that this is the best way to build your core strength and workout your muscles. Plus, did you know that performing a standard plank involves nearly every muscle from primary and secondary groups? It seems like a super combo for just one exercise. Make sure to check free online essays from the practitioners and fitness instructors to make sure you are doing it right.


You can do low-impact cardio for bad back without any problem if you don’t push yourself too far, of course. Cycling is the best way for you as it strengthens your leg muscles and relaxes the muscles of the lower back. Plus, you don’t have to dedicate some specific hours to do it. Need to do shopping? Get on a bike instead of taking a car. Your school/work is within a reasonable cycling distance? Switch to a bike: do some good for your back and nature. Just having a bad mood? A nice ride around the city will help you to switch the focus from negative to positive and workout. It’s a visible win-win situation for body and mind.


A Simple Exercise for Your Back That Helps You Stay Healthy and Toned

This one requires a few amenities and investment, and we say it’s absolutely worth it. Swimming is usually a number one treatment and exercising for the people with back problems because it takes the pressure off the joints. It also allows to exercise and keep your muscles toned without trying too hard. In addition, it’s fun and very relaxing, and if you have a chance to swim in the sea or ocean, by all means, do it. Just don’t swim too far.


You don’t need to spend much on back exercising because you already have what you need: your body. Walking is great fr those who spend a lot of time sitting, and it eases the lower back pressure and increases body functionality. There are many walking techniques you can do, but you always should consult a trainer: if your back is already aching, some of those will only worsen the conditions.

Anything to Avoid?

While there are many good exercises to do to keep your back in shape and decrease aching, there are a lot of things you should avoid doing when you have any back problems. For instance, it’s a bad idea to do any weight-lifting exercises or extreme stretching. Refrain from leg and arm weights when exercising and jerky movements. Don’t worry, you’ll get back to them as soon as your back is OK.

So, that was our guide to how to exercising for people who suffer from back problems. We hope those tips will help you to keep your body in good shape, strengthen your back muscles, and remain positive. The best part? You can do some at work, when running a check for plagiarism, listening to the audiobook or just when you feel like.

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