Larry Hebert – Former Councillor Remains in Custody

Superior Court of Justice in Thunder Bay
Superior Court of Justice in Thunder Bay in the evening.

Larry Hebert
Larry Hebert
THUNDER BAY – Larry Hebert, a former Thunder Bay city councillor remains behind bars in the Thunder Bay District Jail. On Tuesday, there was a bail hearing scheduled for Hebert who has been in custody since November 14, 2019. However, Hebert’s lawyer asked the judge to put the matter over until January 16, 2020, during a scheduled hearing yesterday.

Instead the next steps will be a judicial pretrial. A Judicial Pretrial is a meeting involving the defence lawyer, the Crown Attorney, the Police Officer in Charge of the Case, and a Judge. Usually, these meetings are held in the Judge’s chambers. However, they can also be held in court.

There is a publication ban in effect in this matter.

Hebert has apparently been seeking to find a surety required in order to put together a bail plan.

Larry Hebert has been charged with attempted murder. These charges stem from an incident at his home on Vickers Street South on November 14, 2019.