How to Choose the Best Temp Agency in Toronto

How to Choose the Best Temp Agency Toronto

Startups and small businesses cannot afford to keep workers on a permanent basis. This is where a temp agency in Toronto comes in handy. However, the irony is that small businesses and start-ups are usually reluctant to use the services of a temp agency compared to their counterparts large corporations.

One of the reasons behind this tendency is because smaller businesses think that temp workers cause more trouble than they are worth. For instance, they think that when they hire a temp work, he or she will take a considerable amount of time before he can get fully assimilated into the business culture. Another perspective is that the already employed staff would spend a lot of time trying to train these people. However, all these are misconceptions since when you look this from a wide perspective and in the long-term, using a temp agency in Toronto would be more advantageous compared to the effort and time spent in training them.

  1. Know The Scope Of Talents Of The Agency You Are Considering.

When it comes to looking for the best temp agency Toronto to work with, one of the main aspects you want to consider is the kind of services the agency provides. This is because various agencies offer different services. For instance, there are those which specialize in a single profession such as administrative while others focus on a broad spectrum of professions.

If possible, be more visionary and consider whether the company you are considering would be able to offer more talents in the future for your company. The prospects of your company will definitely have an impact on the choice of the recruitment agency you choose.

  1. Ask The Right Questions.

Once you are sure that the temp agency Toronto has the right talents you need, the next step would be to collect the right questions you need clarification about. You don’t want to ask questions that are irrelevant to what you are looking for.

You want to ask questions that would contribute to you adding value to your company by getting the right talents. Some of the questions you may want to ask would concern;

  • The level of experience of the agency’s employees.
  • The success rate of its worker’s placements and the level of turnover.
  • The current clients that you can use as referees. For instance, the same company as yours and of the same size as yours.
  • The agency’s rates compare with its competitors in the region.
  1. Inquire About Additional Benefits And Services.

Many agencies offering general labour jobs Toronto offer more perks and services apart from simply finding the right talent to work in your company. Apart from verifying the academic credentials of the candidate, some companies carry out criminal background checks, drug screening, and fitness. Some companies offer these services for free while others offer them as a separate package.

However, the most popular perk that most temp agencies are offering is advice on aspects such as workforce management. They are increasingly helping client companies to handle staffing and recruitment efficiently.

  1. When to Consider a Head-hunter

Not all recruitment needs require the use of a temp agency Toronto, but it is not hard to choose the situations when to go for a temp agency or a head-hunter. For instance, consider it this way, if a company needs to feel an executive position, it may require the services of a head-hunter. However, if it needs workers for general labour jobs in Toronto, it will go for a temp agency Toronto.

Only well-established companies with sufficient resources would use in house hiring through the HR department. However, nowadays, more and more big corporations are gravitating towards recruitment agencies and head-hunters. It saves time and money.

However, when it comes to a headhunter or an executive search, it is not always rosy as the process can be expensive. So weigh your options well before making a decision.

  1. Work-One-On-One

A temp agency in Toronto that you choose should be willing to work with you hand in hand in identifying your staffing needs and filling the positions with the right talents. This is a notion that is shared with most temp agency experts.

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