6 Ways to Handle a Losing Streak When Betting on Horses

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One of the best ways to enjoy horse racing is to take part in betting. Other than watching horses saddling up in dirt surface, you get the opportunity to earn a lot if you gamble correctly.

While betting on a horse race is both fun and exciting, there are times that the odds can’t be in your favor. You might wonder why you experience a losing streak, yet you did all your homework to hone your betting skills. In this case, you have to accept the fact that horse race betting is gambling, and the probability of losing is constant.

So, in times that you felt bad because you lose quite an amount of money, you should let it go. If you are having a hard time doing so, here are some practical ways on how you can deal with a losing streak in horse race betting game. These will help you in dealing with your emotions and gaining back your winning streak.

Take a Short Break

Taking a short break after experiencing a losing streak is the easiest way to stop the bleeding. Don’t try to work hard in the hope to gain back what you have lost as you might end up losing again.

While you take a short break, you can go back to the basic betting advice you learned from your sources to review what you have done wrong. If you think that your strategies are fine, then maybe, you just need to take a break.

Change Your Betting Style

Horse racing holds a lot of betting categories for you to choose from. Unlike other types of sports, gambling opportunities are broader. That said, you can change your betting strategy if you think your current technique is no longer working.

Don’t look at the brighter side of trying your luck in making the same approach because it won’t work. Try wagering those categories that start with a smaller amount, yet you have high chances of winning.

Move on Right Away

As stated above, sticking for what you have lost and dwelling with your emotions for a longer time when you lost won’t get you anywhere. It’ll only worsen your betting game, and you might have a hard time picking the next horse race you should bet on.

Let go of your emotions right away and try different categories. Losing in a single bet doesn’t make you less of a gambler. You just need to move on and work on the winning side.

Stay Professional

Be reminded that even the world’s pro bettors can still experience a losing streak. There are also neophytes that do the same thing. But, do you know that pro bettors can recover right away and earn bigger than what they’ve lost?

It’s possible when you remain professional. When you felt so discouraged because you never won a horse race betting, stay professional by sitting down and figure out what you can do to win. Do not overreact or rant because you lost. Be in the right composure so you can bounce back.

Reduce the Amounts of Your Bets

If you are gambling larger amounts consistently yet end up losing, it’s time to reduce your stakes. You won’t be able to recover if you continue betting more than what you have lost, thinking that you will win and earn double.

The best way to regain everything or to get closer to the money you lost, start wagering with smaller amounts in an easier category. Little by little, if you win, you might just earn back the amount you initially stray.

Study Your Betting History

There are some instances where you think you must give up in betting horses and never take the same job again. It might be easier to say that, but when you’re a seasoned bettor, you can’t just let go.

To manage your losing streak and change your fate, you must try to trace back your betting history. You should figure out the things you have done wrong. Ask yourself questions such as “Have you picked the right entry?”, “Is this the right timing to bet for your choice?” or “Is this the right category to gamble?”.


Losing consistently in a horse race betting game can give you a great deal of disappointment, especially if you are new to it. You might get frustrated and end up losing a huge amount of money. On the other hand, you have to understand that gambling, in general, doesn’t give you any formula to grow your bank account every time you wager.

Therefore, if you experience such a thing, you should apply the tips outlined above if you feel astray from winning a horse race betting game. Rest assured that you can quickly recover and head on to a more victorious gambling game.

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