How Many Stamps Are Needed to Mail a Letter or a Postcard?

Canada Post is upping the price of stamps, reducing door-to-door mail delivery and changing operations.
Traditional ways of sending mail via the postal service require using stamps. Learn how many stamps of which kind are needed for sending letters and postcards across and out of Canada

Today, we can send almost anything to any corner of the earth. It is simple but does require the use of postal stamps, the numbers of which depends on the type of mail, address to which it is sent, and the size of package.

If you’re like the majority of Canadians sending more emails a day than regular mail a year, the number of stamps to put on a letter or a card can be somewhat of a mystery, leaving you scratching your head unsure of which to buy.

To clear up this long-running confusion, we’ve broken down the type of stamps and the general requirements for different types of shipments. This article, along with our top suggestion for Canada post tracking,, will leave you confident to drop your mail in the mail, knowing it has all it needs to arrive at its desired location.

Types of Canadian Stamps

The number of stamps required depends on a few factors like weight and destination. There are several types of postage, including stamps and prepaid envelopes that function differently. You can find them listed below along with a brief explanation of how to use them to send your next package.

  1. Single/Booklet Stamps – New

These stamps are exactly what comes to mind when thinking about stamps. They come with different prices depending on whether they were purchased individually or within a booklet. Those purchased in booklet come with a slight discount for shipping, requiring a lower number per package.

  1. Prepaid Envelopes

For hassle-free shipping, a prepaid envelope is available. The difference in prices comes from variation in size and depending on whether it is shipped regionally or nationally.

Old Stamps

  1. Old Postage

Older postage can also be used for shipping. The total number of stamps will need to be calculated in advance just like with newer stamps. Then, the old amount will need to add up to the cost of shipping for the weight and size of the package being sent.

How Many Stamps on a Letter?

So, just how many do you need to send a letter? First of all, let’s answer one question, “how much are Canadian stamps?” Prices are $1.05 for a single stamp or $0.90 per stamp in a booklet, which comes with 5 total pages. The price is said to increase slightly in 2020, with prices changing to $1.07 for single stamps and $0.92 per booklet stamp. For sending a small letter with up to 5 sheets of paper, you’ll need to include only one postage if it is traveling within Canadian borders. If your letter is taking a journey outside of Canada, expect to pay $2.65 for smaller deliveries under 30g or $3.80 for those between 30g and 50g.

When sending a letter to the USA, you’ll pay a slightly lower price, with rates set at $1.27 for letters that weigh less than 30g and $1.90 for anything over 30g that doesn’t exceed 50g. Just how many permanent stamps from Canada to US does that mean? Mail is delivered with one permanent postage stamp and one additional stamp to make up for the total amount. Then you can drop your letter in the box and rest assured that it will make it to the correct location. For postcards, they don’t weigh much and, therefore, also don’t require much to send. You’ll only need to add one stamp to send postcards domestically and internationally, with international delivery regularly priced at $1.15.

Canada Post Tracking

When sending even the smallest letter via the regular mail, you should be confident that your heartfelt message, travel memories, or important documents will reach their destination. For those extra special letters, using a tracking service like will ensure that you know the location of your contents at all times. You can receive updates if changes occur and a notification when your parcel arrives. Send letters, mail, and packages throughout Canada and across the world with confidence, with the correct postage and real-time shipping tracking.


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