The Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women in 2019

The Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women in 2019

When you find yourself at style crossroads, a dramatic hairstyle can be the only thing you need to transform your looks completely. The simple thing like cutting off your long hair for a pixie cut can make you feel fresh and look like a new whole person. We understand it is not easy to convince a woman to cut her long locks, but with bobs and lobs so common and trendy at the moment, you will not find it hard to cut your hair and rock one of these trendy styles. Besides, the number of compliments you will get from your friends after cutting your hair, you will be left wondering why you didn’t do it earlier.

One appealing aspect about pixie haircuts is that they are ridiculously easy to wear, just the same way it is easy to choose the right pixie haircut for your face shape. You can choose between pixie cut that is short, shaved, long, and asymmetrical or with bangs to find your right haircut. And if you have round or oval face shape, you can take advantage of length to balance your style. Here are classic looks for you to consider. Take a look and be inspired.

  1. Extended Pixie Haircut.

An extended haircut is an excellent stop-off point between a short pixie cut and a bob. This look has enough short hair to create a dramatic effect but still long enough to maintain the feminine touch. The long hair is normally styled at the front, and this has an impact of framing the face and making it appear softer.

  1. Short Pixie Haircut.

The idea of cutting long hair doesn’t anchor well with women. It is a serious decision for them to make, especially if someone is used to rocking long locks. One thing is for sure when you cut your hair; you will have a dramatic change in your looks. It will also take some time for your hair to grow out again.

However, for those who choose to cut their hair, it is the best decision they have ever made. Like hitting a big reset button, a short pixie cut will brighten and lift your face and give you a fresh look.

  1. Pixie Cut and Bangs.

Including bangs in your pixie is an excellent way of boosting the volume of your haircut. Go for the side bangs that are side swept at the front to give your short manes a feminine look. Moreover, add choppy layers to maintain the light look of your style since blunt fringe can look too bold in a pixie haircut.

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut.

Just like the pixie haircut and bangs, an asymmetrical pixie includes a healthy chunky of feminine length while maintaining the entire look short and neatly cropped. Extended on one side and kept short on the other side, the asymmetrical pixie haircut looks great when matched with a deep side part to make sure that there is enough volume at the top.

  1. Shaved Pixie Haircut.

This is the most recent and without a doubt, the boldest trend of the pixie cut. Once rocked by boys, shaved haircuts have become so popular among women. You can choose between undercut, which is a bottom half shaved, a shaved side, which is an asymmetrical cut or go for an entire head shave. It is a sure style to steal the show.

The Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women in 2019

  1. Pixie Bob Hairstyle.

This is one of the most iconic and stylish pixie cut for women this year. It features cute layers, grey shade, shaved sides, and a deep side. It is a great look that you can rock for both formal and casual events.

  1. Short and Messy.

For the women with naturally weave hair who are not sure whether they should rock a pixie haircut, this is your answer. A pixie haircut is a great style to choose if you can wear this sexy style. Go ahead, and your worries will vanish.

  1. Edgy Cut for Ladies with Thin Hair.

If you are currently growing out your hair, then you should consider this hairstyle at a starting point as you grow out your locks. It is a great look that will bring your looks together as you grow your hair and get enough length to rock your desired long hairstyle.

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