Top 10 most reputed professions in the world

Buffalo Airways was featured on a popular History Channel Reality Show Ice Pilots
Buffalo Airways was featured on a popular History Channel Reality Show Ice Pilots

SAN DIEGO – There are thousands of professions in this world which one can become a part of. However, not all of them are equal in status and respect. If you are willing to join the corporate world, you must know about every profession which exists. In this article, we will guide you through the top 10 most respectable professions in the world. Though, the list continues to change every year but some professions are always able to make it to the top of the list. If you are willing to take up a certain profession as a career choice you must dive full throttle in it to carve a good reputation for yourself. Once you invest a lot of time, energy and money in whichever field you want to be a part of, people will start acknowledging you as a professional. There are many iconic professionals in this world, who with their expertise and great service have uplifted the stature of many professions. Following is a list of the top professions in the world:

  1. Doctors

They say doctors serve the nation, which is correct without a doubt. The healthcare department is one of those who cannot remain closed for even a short period. Yes, the monetary compensation and the other perks are certainly high as compared to other professions, but the effort with which doctor’s work is worth everything else. Specialists such as surgeons are people who are the only hope when it comes to the life and death of a person. An average doctor works around 60 hours per week which means they work more than any other professional. Doctors are ones who with time, gain immense respect and honor in the light of so much hard work they put in. So if you want to become a doctor you must have compassion for people to serve them. One of the ethos behind people loving doctors and respecting them is because doctors have to provide emotional and physical support to the patients.

  1. Engineer

This shouldn’t come as a shock or surprise to you. There’s no escaping from the fact; engineers are responsible for transforming our lives. Except for engineers been around, the world would have become a difficult place to live in. Beginning with their investment in transport, down to making technology so rampant for us, engineers work relentlessly to make sure the world has something new to see and use every day.

Engineers are very much responsible for the advancement in technology and scientific research. It is because of their hard work that science has incredibly made a lot of progress. Engineers are highly applauded for the work they do, and most young boys aspire to become an engineer when they grow up.

  1. Police officer

Cops have always played a crucial role in protecting our lives and helping us in tough situations.  If it hadn’t been for security, criminals would have wiped out most of the innocent people from this world. Whenever it comes to talking about cops or army men, there is a great deal of respect attached to them. Unfortunately, cops are paid very less in most countries. However, even if you put any price against the work they do it will always be less than the actual worth of the effort they put in for the community. The common myth which continues to hound police officers is they are involved in corruption and are controlled by politicians. This is the main reason why a lot of people despise entering the field of police for they are scared of being tagged as corrupt people.

  1. Judge

Judges are well-reputed people in the community. They have a tough life for they are responsible for regulating important decisions regarding people’s lives. Their decision making affects history and can change communities. Judges have to be fair and honest in their work for a lot of people who look up to them as role models. There are many judges in the world whose decisions have left a significant mark in history. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe they are involved with criminals and can be bribed with a lot of money, but the truth be told they are honest people in society and those who are highly respected for the work they do. Most judges are working professionals in the field of law who after years of service, can get the position they have.

  1. Lawyer

Practicing law is the toughest thing in the world. This profession is perhaps one of the most notorious ones because a lawyer is entirely responsible for getting the client out of a tough situation. Irrespective of what the gossipmongers have to say, lawyers have a tough life and invest a lot of hard work to prove themselves. Lawyers have to go through tough academic years and then spend the rest of their lives in serving the community. The only con of this profession is one is not able to get recognition at the early stages of his/her career. Once a professional invests a lot of years in service, only then is he/she able to carve a good reputation for themselves. Currently, there are more than 0.2 million lawyers practicing in the US alone. However, not all of them are equal in status and experience.

  1. Teacher

Teaching has always been highly spoken of and widely talked about. Teachers are crucial for this world because they make us so much better than we are. Teachers service the community and impart knowledge which is very crucial for this world. In this day and age, with digital media being so rampant it is easy for teachers to reach out to massive audiences. Interestingly with the introduction of YouTube, teachers can easily impart knowledge to a lot of people around the globe. Teaching is always regarded as a female profession. However, the truth be told, anyone who wants to serve his/her people with knowledge can become a teacher. Teachers are highly paid in developed countries, and some of them have given some of the best inventions to this world.

  1. Accountant

Accountants are also highly paid like management consultants and work tirelessly to make sure the company never goes through a financial turmoil in the future. Earlier, the accountant was only responsible for maintaining the daily records, but now the companies appreciate their stake by allowing them to give their suggestions about work and forecast the expected sales and demand in the future. The modern studies of accounting encapsulate business, decision making, traditional accounting and a lot more. For most people, the pay element attracts them into the job, but what makes this profession worth all the acknowledgments is the hard work which accountants put in to make everything happen the right way.

  1. Manager

After the chairperson of a firm, a manager is responsible for managing everything within the organization beginning with the assets down to the employees. Managers have the skills and art to do everything the right way and at the right time. Mangers are highly respected because of their amazing behavior with everyone and for the knowledge they possess to fight tough situations. There are multiple dichotomies within the managerial field. However, managers don’t get paid high at the beginning of their careers like other professions. They have to spend a lot of time in the field to understand how they have to manage people.

  1. Journalist

Hadn’t it been for journalists, all of us would have never got known about the happenings in different parts of the world? A journalist is a person who is responsible for collecting, writing and distributing news to different companies. Within this field, there are a lot of options for one to choose from. For example, a photojournalist is a person who has to take pictures and write stories according to the events. Most people disguise journalists as paparazzi but the truth be told, journalists have a tough life for they have to risk their lives in the pursuit of bringing important news back home. Unfortunately, most journalists don’t get paid well but those who have years of experience can get good remuneration.

  1. Pilot

We are so obsessed without own travel experience by air that we forget how outrageous it is to swim through the strong winds. Pilots play a very important role in society for they are responsible for navigating long trips with their skills and expertise. With much advancement in education, it is easy for young pilots to be given much training in a short time.

United Airlines is trying to recruit pilots early in their training as the second-biggest U.S. carrier faces an impending shortage as half of its aviators’ approach retirement.

Most aviation courses encompass training along with a practical demonstration of knowledge on the ground. Therefore if you want to become a pilot you must wear a lot of confidence on your sleeves. Pilots are highly applauded for their confidence which is also a force that keeps them motivated for work.

These were just some of the many professions which are famous in this world. As a professional, you will have to adhere to the code of ethics and make sure to keep away from mistakes.

If you are involved in professional malpractice, your license to practice in a particular field might get canceled. You must consult a licensing defense lawyer in this regard to help you out. For example, if you are from California you can google for a San Diego Licensing Defense lawyer to get a list of all the veteran professionals working in the field.

Lastly, it is crucial to make sure, whenever the profession you want to dive in, you must be passionate about it. Yes, the above-mentioned professions are one of the highest respected ones in the world, but they’ve been able to make it to the top list after some amazing people imparted their skills to the rest of the world.

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