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With Christmas rapidly approaching, there’s a high chance that you are starting to plan and prepare: thinking about gifts (you might have already bought some!), frantically searching for recipes, researching those cute Christmas videos that you could send your family, finding free Christmas fonts to add to your Season Greetings cards… and you might have already started to consider how to decorate your house this year. If you are creative, love crafting and doing stuff yourself and you love to personalize your house’s decoration, you might want to look into “do it yourself”-ing your Christmas ornaments: it is a fun, rewarding activity that will allow you to personalize your ornaments as much as you want, make them special and match your personality and that will start getting you excited for Christmas. And if you have kids, it can be an adorable, entertaining bonding activity and a great way to help develop their creativity!

You might be thinking that creating your decorations for the Holidays will end up being time-consuming, annoying, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be this way at all: there are decorations that you can create without spending too much time and money. For example, how about creating a centerpiece for this years’ Christmas dinner table by using pinecones, some mistletoe, a couple of candles, and ribbon? For cheap, you could have an exquisite, classy decoration! If you’re feeling more creative, you can explore various christmas embroidery designs to add an extra special touch to your decorations.

Christmas WreathHave you ever considered making your Christmas wreath yourself? It is super easy, and you can go as wild as you like! How about recycling the old Christmas lights from last year that don’t work anymore and wrapping them up tightly for an easy, cheap, eco wreath? How about buying a big, cheap pack of Christmas bows and gluing them to each other in a circle? BAM! Easy bow wreath! How about wrapping some yarn around a metal circle and gluing some tiny Christmas trees to it for a rustic wreath?

Even if you have no idea how to sew, sewing your own Christmas stockings is incredibly easy. It might be a little time consuming, but once you are done, you will have probably the most fashionable, personal stockings ever! Just get yourself some needle, some thread, some cloth (or you can recycle some cloth from a shirt you don’t wear anymore), a template (trust me, it’s better if you follow a template) and some decorations to spice them up (also, you can totally glue your stocking together if you really, really don’t want to sew. It’s OK, I understand).

Christmas StockingYou have no idea how many things you can do with styrofoam balls. They are cheap, easy to find in any crafts store, and so versatile that a single bag could help you decorate your entire house. Cover them in glitter, sequins, ribbon, or yarn for a lot of different types of Christmas ornaments, draw a little face on them for a quick, fun snowman or paint them as if they were Christmas pudding balls! (By the way, they come in many different shapes too: bells, hearts, stars… you could do your entire house decoration with styrofoam !)

Old, unused mason jars can also be a great resource if you are looking to decorate the house. By using paint, ribbon, glitter, sequins, or by going to Fontsly to download some free Christmas fonts and create a beautiful slogan to glue to it, you can turn a mason jar into a beautiful candle holder. Glue a beautiful snowman or Santa Claus figurine to the inside of the lid, fill the mason jar with either with glitter or tiny polystyrene balls, and you’ve got yourself a handmade, rustic crystal snowball! For something simpler, fill them with pinecones, pine needles, some sequins, and some ribbons for a very quick, very cheap, lazy decoration.

All in all, Christmas decoration can be easy, fun and cheap as long as you are willing to do it yourself: not only will you save a pretty penny, but your house will have an irresistible personal touch that those that buy their Christmas decorations in mainstream stores can only hope to recreate. For a fun time that will get you excited for Christmas, do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments are the way to go!

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