Basic programs for the Designers

Basic programs for the Designers
Basic programs for the Designers

What are the stacks?

These are software bundles comprising an individual’s site back end. With the term website back end, we mean everything right from the website servers, programming frameworks, the operating system, and the APIs. Every stack component provides its compatibility layer; easy download and deploying all together is achieved first by bundling them. Stack components range right from general to something specific like the PHP framework.

Different reasons exist why you can choose to use a particular stack over the other. People do think that newer stacks are ever the best choices, but then this is not true depending on the project you will undertake. Some might be looking at the future of their sites; for them, vertical scalability can be of need at large, or the developers are skilled with different programming languages to provide you an idea to choose a particular stack over the other.

Herein you will learn more about what the stacks do; the reason behind a particular component turns to work best in a specific project over the other and vital points of consideration when choosing a stack to use.

Some designer stack software to know


Lamp stack is one of the stacks that got traction early; It is comprised of open-source software and all free components which do well for applications and websites that are dynamic. It consists of an Apache web server, PHP app software, Linux, and MySQL database. This stack is arguably one of the oldest models that are very solid.

Some of the lamp benefits include;

They are easy to develop, flexible, they can be customized, they are secure, they can be deployed easily, and since it’s an open-source, It is always accompanied by a big support community. In case you want to organize large amounts of structured data, consider using SQL databases.

Bitnami-Hosted Stacks

This is a library that is cloud-based that hosts solutions that support a good number of stacks; this allows you to put tender your application in the cloud or on your server. You can download these packages with just a click. Below are the infrastructures that are available based on the popular programming languages that are there

Ruby Stack

This stack comes along with a complete development environment ready to run Ruby on Rails. The building applications become easy and fast due to its popular gems. This software is compatible notably on the back end with MySQL, and the development process is rapid.

Bitnami DevPack

This stack gets individuals to get applications that run fast and supports the MVC framework. You can own the entire development environment in some minutes since different accessible components are in a single pre-configured package.

There are simple raster editor graphics like for instance Microsoft Paint download which exists in all Microsoft Windows to help you save files in different formats.


This is a modernized stack that tries to challenge the amp LAMP stack. It is preferred by many companies that have JavaScript pros code to save their time and money since it is JavaScript-powered entirely. It comprises of the MongoDB database, JSON-powered NoSQL database that is responsible for the provision of flexibility as compared to the SQL database; we also have Express.js and the Angular JS front-end framework and a Node.js runtime on behalf of an operating system. The level of flexibility offered here helps in the building of web applications that are single or multi-page

Its benefits include;

It offers support to the MVC pattern. When transferring data, it uses JSON, which is NoSQL’s native; it is also open-source. MEAN also provides access to the module library known as Node.js’s JavaScript.

Another benefit is that it is mobile friendly and has high flexibility. It is capable of incorporating frameworks of JS testing. If your business wants to be agile and scalable, this is an excellent stack. It also works best for the language uniformity. Developers who work on the client-side can comprehend the server-side code if they will be using JavaScript across the back and front ends.

If you switch to a document-based NoSQL database, you will spend less time to write SQL. The data gets structured with a lot of flexibility to allow enough productivity at the end of it all.


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