Tips to Decrease the Effects of DUI Charges

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The penalties for DUIs (drinking under the influence of alcohol) may vary in different jurisdictions. If you are charged with your first offense, make sure to fight with charges in the presence of the best DUI defense lawyer. With the right presentation, it will be easy for you to get these charges dismissed. Prosecutors may find it reluctant to drop these charges because of severe threats to the safety of the public.

If you want to get rid of DUI charges, try to hire the best San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer. He can help you to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney. Here are some tips to decrease the effects of DUI charges in your record.

Search for a DUI Attorney

If you want to avoid DUI charges, make sure to hire a private attorney. With the assistance of a DUI lawyer, it will be easy for you to get these charges dropped. Feel free to get recommendations from family and friends.

Try to make a list of possible options. You must have 4 – 5 attorneys in this list. Take a thorough look at the experience and background of every lawyer. It will help you to choose the best lawyer from this list. Check the websites of these possible attorney’s and read about their experiences and backgrounds.

You can schedule initial consultations before finalizing an attorney. Feel free to interview 2 to 3 attorneys to find a suitable candidate for your case. Several defense attorneys offer a free consultation for your convenience. If a lawyer is not available to meet you after seven days, likely he is too busy to work on your case.

Feel free to ask many questions from your attorney during a free consultation. For your convenience, you can prepare a list of queries to ask from a lawyer during a meeting. Make sure to ask questions related to your case.

After the interview, compare the answers of each attorney and evaluate their services. It will allow you to identify the most qualified candidate. If your budget is tight, their fee is a necessary consideration. Resist your temptation to choose a cheap lawyer. This person can harm your DUI case. Some good lawyers are ready to negotiate to get their fee in installment. They can decrease the cost or offer an affordable payment plan.

Remember, you can trust your gut feelings when choosing an attorney. If a passionate lawyer is interested in your case and his trust and confidence inspire you, he can be the best choice. Feel free to consider a less experienced lawyer with these qualities for your case.

A Retainer Agreement

After making your decision, immediately hire this attorney so that he can start working as soon as possible. In your second meeting, he will meet with you and ask you to sign a retainer agreement. You must not allow an attorney to work on your case until you have read a written agreement and signed it.

In this way, you can understand their services. The attorney should explain the agreement. Feel free to ask questions to understand a problematic point. Remember, attorneys are ready to negotiate; therefore, you should share your worries and tensions with them. For instance, you can ask a lawyer to charge a flat fee instead of receiving an hourly rate.

Assess the Evidence Against You

Your lawyer will evaluate the proofs against you before preparing an argument. If the police have the results of the field sobriety test, the prosecutor can make a strong case to trap you. The prosecution attorney is liable to provide evidence that he wants to use in your trial. Your lawyer will discuss these proofs with you.

Remember, DUI charges on field sobriety tests can be steep for prosecution. He may find it difficult to prove, especially if he lacks other evidence of your inebriation. These are subjective tests, based on the observations of officers. A defense lawyer can use different conditions to prove that these results are inaccurate.

Moreover, breathalyzer tests are not free from weaknesses, but it is not easy to challenge them. The particular results of a test can change the situation. A prosecution attorney might be ready to drop charges if you were barely over a legal limit. Things could be difficult for a DUI defense attorney if your results were significantly intoxicated.

Causes to Stop You

A lawyer may use probable reason to stop you. If the officer, who dragged you over, didn’t have the possible purpose of stopping your car, it can be an evidence for DUI attorney. He may use this cause to drop your charges. After going through DUI checkpoints, the situation can be complicated for you.

For instance, if you were obeying the rules of the road, and the officer stopped you without your fault; it is possible to argue that the officer was wrong in stopping you. Before preparing an argument, your lawyer should check the statements of officers. In numerous cases, the officer will write down about field sobriety or breathalyzer test in a police report.

Medical and Physical Conditions

Several medical and physical conditions may interfere with the results of the test. If the prosecutor uses a breathalyzer test and sobriety test, your DUI defense attorney can use your medical or physical conditions to save you. For instance, particular medications and diets may cause a deceitful breathalyzer result.

If you are on an Atkins-style diet, your body will produce alcohol. In this situation, the result of breathalyzer tests can be incorrect. Moreover, your recent ankle or knee injury can help your attorney to challenge a field sobriety test.

Check the Credibility of Witnesses

If a person was in the car with the driver (you), they might testify whether you were driving in a drunken state. Before arguing about your medical condition, your attorney should produce expert witnesses.

For instance, acid reflux may produce false results on breathalyzer tests. A doctor can help you in this situation by testing the severity of acid reflux disease in your body. Moreover, your medications can be a proof for your case.

In numerous cases, eyewitnesses may help you by testifying that you were not drinking alcohol. Remember, their words can go against the words of an officer. Generally, police officers handle their job really well in a trial. Your friend can’t convince a judge or a prosecutor.

Prepare a Strong Case

You can’t take this situation lightly, even if it is your first trial. It is not easy to convince a prosecutor to drop down your DUI charges. For this reason, prepare well for your trial. Remember, a prosecutor can sense that you are confused. He will not be ready for negotiation with you.

It can be easy for you to strike a deal with the prosecutor if your case is strong. If he senses that your chances of winning a trial are high, he will be ready to negotiate. Moreover, you both are liable to exchange evidence and information. It will help both parties to find out the odds of beating the other party.

Complete Your Driving Classes

Driving schools are everywhere in the world. If you are convicted for traffic violations or DUI, you have to attend a driving school. By doing this promptly, you can send a signal to your prosecutor that you are ready to become a responsible driver.

Consult your attorney to find out the nature of classes. Remember, the cost of these classes can be several hundred dollars. Make sure to complete them without worrying about the price. It will be a punishment for you. If you are taking these classes, it doesn’t mean that you are admitting your mistake. On the other hand, the prosecutor may be ready to cooperate with you.

Substance-abuse Professional

If you are driving after drinking, it can create problems for you. To avoid possible issues, speak to professionals, and get their help to recognize your weaknesses. It will help you to get the cooperation of the prosecutor. In numerous cases, he will be ready to drop DUI charges against you.

Negotiation with Your Prosecutor

A DUI defense attorney may discuss plea bargains before your trial. A prosecutor may readily drop weak charges against you. Make sure to get the opinion of the prosecutor in this case. Ask him what he can offer you. Sometimes, pretrial investigations can force him to decide in your favor.

Numerous prosecutors drop DUI charges after learning about the medical or physical conditions of the defendant. In many instances, a plea bargain can be a great option to increase the chances of positive outcomes in your favor. For this reason, a lawyer should understand the DUI law to create supporting evidence.

Remember, you have to bear some punishment even after convincing the prosecution attorney to drop the charges. The court will not spare you for reckless driving. Ask your attorney to understand the consequences of less offense. Even after dropping DUI charges, you can’t avoid adverse effects. These may include an increase in car insurance rates. However, these charges can be unbearable if a person were convicted for DUIs.

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