Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Day a Little Extra Special

Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Day a Little Extra Special

A wedding day does not only have importance in the bride-to-be’s life, but it also has the same importance for the groom. It is the day of the couple to be. So the family and friends should try to make it special and memorable. Bride to be is conscious about her makeover from head garland to the heals. Los Angeles bridal salon make bride’s wedding day special by giving a princess look on her special day.

Some people do a lavish destination wedding that costs too much but still do not have sentiments attached to that. It is just so over planed that nothing remains a surprise for the couple. Couples do some special things like hiring wedding videography Singapore so that they can remember their special day with love and fondness.

Gallery Wall:

The gallery wall means to make a corner specified for the pictures of the closest family members and friends. When the couple enters the wedding place and sees this gallery wall. They will surely love this unique idea. Take pictures and selfie there with the couple to make a memorable wedding album. It makes the wedding album unique than the regular wedding album.

The concept of gallery wall would astonish not only the bride and groom but also the guests. They would feel that there is something more special and extraordinary in this wedding. Moreover, such sights fill the moment with lots of emotions and wishes. All family members get emotional over there and feel the strong bond among their relations. They even wish for the lot more happy years to come to that they witness together with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Compatibility Game:

Nothing can beat the fun and enjoyment that the compatibility game brings. This is a quite interesting game which is designed quite creatively. It surely lots of time and effort to design this game perfectly. A perfect compatibility game develops the interest of the couple. The whole environment gets filled with excitement and fun.

Everyone waits for the sores of compatibility games and rapidly choose the team that either they would support the bride or groom. As the game progresses, the interest goes on increasing, and it becomes a memorable moment of the wedding. People like to have this game to be a part of their wedding too.

Instagram Hashtag:

Social media is used by the people to the most. People like to post all of their activities on social media. They are an active part of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The craze towards Instagram is increasing day by day. Girls like to share their pictures of all the events and functions. Same is the case with the groom too.

The new trend on an Instagram hashtag can be seen all over Instagram. Whenever there is a new couple, people start popularizing the hashtag which is linked to their name. They grant a unique name to the couple, which is the combination of the bride and groom name. It becomes viral with the persistent use of the Instagram hashtag as all the pictures are shared with this hashtag. You can try out this trendy method for your dream wedding.

Live Painting:

Photos and selfies have become an essential part of the events in present times. Without these, the event seems incomplete. But the selfies have not that charm that live painting has. The spell that live painting can create cannot be found with the digital camera pics. The paintings provide a feeling of positivity, happiness, and refreshment.

Explore the painter who is professional in live painting. He will provide you the live painting of the wedding couple which they can frame and attach on their home wall. It needs to be a huge paint filled with colors. This is a unique way of capturing happy and special moments. This is a spicy concept that you can utilize in your wedding to make it more memorable and exciting.

Theme Wedding:

Everyone cannot afford a luxurious destination wedding. But everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. You can make your wedding day a perfect event with a theme. Create the theme of the fairytales, princess diaries, and love is in air, royal, and many more. In theme weddings, everything is as per the wedding theme, i.e., from the decoration to the clothes.

All guests have to follow the theme in order to make the event more successful and memorable. The decoration color and dress code would be the same. The wedding moments where the theme is followed is quite ideal. You can transform your boring wedding into the exciting one with the concept of theme wedding.

Selfie Booth:

People in all the parts of the world are crazy about selfies. They take several selfies on a daily basis and share it on social media with their friends, family, and fans. It is obvious that they would take the selfie at the wedding too. A selfie booth can make the wedding unique. The interest in the wedding would be maintained, and you would see the extreme rush at the selfie booth.

Even, people would wait for their turn to enjoy their selfies at the selfie booth. No one would feel bored at the wedding but enjoy the healthy activity. Wedding couple taking their selfie at selfie booth is a unique concept which deserves appreciation. This becomes a special part of wedding photography.

Bride Groom Entry:

The extraordinary entry of the wedding couple is a source of amusement and excitement at the wedding. Gone are the days of simple entries. Think of the most epical ways of entering in the marriage hall. The special concept of the bride and groom entry in the marriage hall depends on your budget. With a big budget, you can even enter the helicopter.

Other amazing ideas is the entry of bride and groom in the rotating glass on which rose petals are showered. The entry of the bride and groom can be in a specially designed vehicle in which the bride and groom enter while wearing stylish spectaculars. Lots of more amazing ideas are also available. Choose the ideas for the best entry of wedding couple but do not forget your budget.

Special Message:

Wedding is an emotional time, especially for the bride as she may be leaving her home. A special message given in a special way can make the wedding environment filled with love. This special message is delivered by the parents of the couple and their loved ones. In such a message, they express their love and feelings to the wedding couple.

The special message does not necessarily be the emotional one. It can have the fun element too so that guests won’t feel bore and couple feel happy. Wishes can be a part of a special message. A special gathering when a special message is delivered and guest applauses is a unique concept. You can follow it for your wedding.

Wedding Cake:

The way of making the wedding extra special is the wedding cake. This cake differs from the ordinary cake that we enjoy at different events. The wedding cake is specifically for the wedding couple, so some important and special designing is required for it. You can choose to mention the name of the bride and groom on it. Additionally, it can have the Instagram hashtag mention on it.

An adorable wedding couple standing at the top of the cake is a unique method to adopt. The trend of picture cakes is common. You can have the picture of the bride and groom on it. A wedding cake is the best idea to refresh the whole event.

Dance Performance:

Cousins, siblings, or friends often prepare the dance for the wedding. They perform on the stage on different wedding songs to make the wedding couple feel special. The preparations are being started from the very beginning of date fixing. Twist to the dance performance is that you can create a story where you utilize different portions of songs and present the love story or special moments of the couple.

The couple can even amaze the guests by giving a dance performance at the stage. Such bold activities lit up the event, and all guests enjoy the performance.

Handwritten Notes:

The idea of handwritten notes is impressive and memorable. The guests can write their special wishes for the wedding couple on the paper. Paste the handwritten notes at different locations. When the couple finds any handwritten note, they will open that up and read. Getting the colorful and exciting handwritten notes having wishes and advice, again and again, will develop their interest.

They will then keep their eyes on the more handwritten notes. The wedding couple will love to read more notes to know what guests want to covey them. This healthy activity is economical and interesting as well. The weddings where there is no entertainment source are the most boring one. Shine up the wedding and make them extra special with unique ideas and creative concepts.

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