Fourteen things your dentist wants you to do differently

A young and beautiful girl treats her teeth with a dentist
A young and girl treats her teeth with a dentist

Oral health is a very important part of our lives, yet many people choose to overlook it because of some bizarre reasons. Oral health is related to the rest of the body and the overall persona of a person. In this article we will tell you about fourteen things your dentists want you to do differently. Medical practitioners from across the world suggest people brush at least twice a day but is that enough? Surely not. Your dentists want you to go the extra mile to get good oral health. There are many myths around oral healthas a result of which people consider it inconsequential. Following is a list of all the things your dentist wants you to do differently:

Dental Care

1.     Anti-age your gums

It is common for gums to shrink back as you get older, which cause sensitivity. Therefore to keep the gums healthy, you need to brush your teeth gently. The best way to brush teeth is to use a medicated brush and rub your teeth in a soft circular motion. Many people suffer from gum disease which is the result of the buildup of plaque. Some of the common signs of this disease are blood when brushing, bad breath, receding gums and loose teeth. If you don’t check with a dentist on time, the gum disease could cause teeth loss early.

2.     Don’t ignore ulcers

People believe ulcer is the result of poor eating and too much intake of spices, which is true to some extent. However, a senior doctor says that ulcer can also be caused because of broken teeth, sharp pieces of food or poorly fitted dentures. Therefore if you have broken teeth, you must get them removed before they move into the stomach causing more damage. Furthermore, if the problem persists there could be other reasons too such as vitamin deficiency, mouth cancer or reactive arthritis.

3.     Chew a gum containing xylitol

Usually, when we drink acidic drinks, our mouth neutralizes the acid within 20 minutes. Chewing gum stimulates saliva which is a natural defense against acid. Dentists suggest patients chew a gum which contains xylitol which is a natural sweetener. Furthermore, this natural sweetener is also known for reducing tooth decay and helping replace minerals in tooth enamel. However, you need to be mindful when buying medicines from the pharmacies.

4.     Know the white shirt rule

A common mantra which you must remember is,” Anything that stains a white shirt will stain your teeth”. Just as your clothes can get dirty if something in lubricated form falls on them, your teeth are also vulnerable to a lot of problems. When drinking a fizzy drink, you must use a straw to avoid direct contact with the teeth. Acidic and sugary drinks have a strong impact. If you want to go the extra mile you can start adding ice to the drink because it lowers the acidic content in water.

5.     Have regular checkups

It is imperative to consult dentists twice a year at least. It is common for all of us to have some problems with regards to our teeth. Furthermore, a visit to the dentists also sets a good example for young children to learn from. Looking after your teeth is better for the rest of the body. The most intriguing benefit of a regular checkup is that it detects early problems. Suppose if you continue to overlook cavities for months, you will eventually start losing your teeth early in life and will have to spend a lot of money on the dental treatment.

6.     Sweet treats aren’t all equal

Keep in mind the market is flooded with products which guarantee a healthy eating with sweet treats. However, even the finest quality sweet treat will stick to your teeth. This means if you avoid eating chewy sweet treats and start opting for healthier options like dates and raisins, your teeth are still vulnerable to getting dirty with too much sugar content. Moreover, they will also remain in the mouth for longer time as compared to normal sweets. Therefore you must postpone sweet treats till mealtime to finally be able to take everything in your tummy.

7.     Check your medication if you have dry mouth

Make sure you don’t have a dry mouth as a result of any medication you’re following. Natural saliva is a blessing for the mouth because it neutralizes acidic effects. Dry mouth is often a side effect of a medicine you’re taking. Common medications include antidepressants, painkillers and diuretics which cause dry mouth. Saliva is crucial for it helps the teeth against decay by neutralizing the acids. So if your mouth is not producing as much, you must check with your dentist right away.

8.     Watch out for fruit teas

As explained, the market is flooded with products which guarantee good health and taste, but the truth is told, many of those products are notorious for health. Don’t fall for fruit teas for they can cause three times more damage as compared to orange juice. By research done by University of Bristol Dental School, the acidic content of lemon juice, blackcurrant and raspberry teas us more damaging to the enamel as compared to conventional tea. Therefore some dentists suggest people drink a glass of water after drinking fruit teas.

9.     Sidestep a prosecco smile

Another important thing you need to beware of is the sparkling bubbles which are caused because of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks. This means you could be potentially damaging your teeth with a lot of intake of sweet drinks. Prosecco is very notorious and not healthy for the teeth at all. People who are accustomed to drinking every day are at a higher risk of losing their teeth early in life. The occasional glass of a drink might not do much damage but if you pair it with something interesting, suppose a cube of cheese, it will help in neutralizing the acid.

10. Flossing is important

People overlook flossing can believe it is not crucial for health. Brushing your teeth cleans only 70% of the surface, to cleanse your teeth properly you need to rely on the flossing process. Flossing is not as difficult as people consider it to be. Even if you floss three times a week, it is enough for your teeth. However you need the right toothbrush to do this work. Flossing can be done daily as well. Therefore you must consider it as a part of your routine to have clean and healthy teeth for the rest of your life.

11. Don’t graze

If you have a habit of frequent snacking, you better shrug it off. Our teeth have been engineered in such a way that they can’t perform the same task over and over again. Stick to three meals a day and eat slowly. If your teeth get stuck with large debris of food, you will very likely get ulcers and other issues. Instead of making your mouth function all day long with constant chewing, you should wear a disciplined routine of eating.

12. Use electric brushes

Most dentists recommend people to brush for at least one or two minutes. However it is common for all of us to get tired during the process. There’s nothing to worry when you have electric brushes around. Doctors say electric brushes are better than plastic brushes and cleanse the teeth fast. Furthermore they’ve also proven to be more effective than manual brushes. If you have a habit of brushing for a few seconds, you can buy an electric brush from the market.

13. Always spit, don’t rinse

Toothpaste has certain properties which most of us are unaware of. After brushing your teeth, you must not rinse; otherwise you will wash away the fluoride which is provided by the toothpaste. It is important for the mouth to have fluoride because, at night, saliva production decreases making the teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay. Therefore you need to be mindful when brushing your teeth.

14. Always check your teeth regularly

If you want to check your teeth regularly, you can use a magnifying mirror with light. If you experience any unwanted growth of an unhealthy looking substance of swollen gums, you must check with a dentist. For instance, if you live in California and want to look for a dentist in Lomita, you can google Lomita dentist to get a list of all the working professionals in that city. Even if you visit a dentist twice a year, you can manually check your teeth every day.


Lastly, make sure you don’t overlook a dental checkup every year. It is crucial to take care of the physical health to avoid any possible diseases from taking a big toll on your health. People overlook oral health for they think it is not linked to the rest of the body, but it is nothing more than a myth. A dental checkup is as important as any other test or checkup you go through in a year.

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