12 important medical checkups

How Visiting A Doctor Today Can Improve Your Overall Health

This world has become a lot smaller with massive improvements in science and technology down the years. However, as the world continues to progress so do the number of diseases continue to rise. There are many medical checkups which everyone must undergo every year, but some of them are important to make sure the body is strong and healthy. In this article we will guide you through 15 important medical checkups you must undergo every year or after a few years. If you have crossed your teenage and are already well versed with the functioning of this world, it is important to make sure you take care of yourself. Therefore you must take care of yourself and visit a doctor once in a year to confirm the veracity of your healthy body. Some of the most important medical checkups are:

1.     Dental checkup

It is crucial to visit a dentist at least once a year. People who overlook dental checkups, run in a lot of troubles in the long run. You will be astonished to know that Americans spend more than $111 billion a year on regular checkups and dental treatments. Even if you are skeptical about any dental issue, you must check with a dentist as soon as possible. People have a habit of brushing the issue under the carpet until all the problems accumulate together to give rise to an even bigger issue. A dental checkup once in a month is not just healthy for yourself but you will also set an example for your kids. You must visit a dentist close to your locality. Suppose if you write Hawthorne Dentist on google it will display results of all the dentist in that area.

2.     Eye exam

There is no escape from the fact that eyes are the most important organs of the body for they allow us to see this beautiful world. The surprising fact is that more than 14 million Americans are farsighted and an estimated 20 million will be by 2030. The rapid expansion of technology and the intrusion of social media in our lives has deteriorated our health to a great extent. May people undergo Lasik surgeries every year to get rid of eyesight issues. Some people genetically have eye-related issues which are why they have to see an eye doctor very early.

3.     Blood pressure

The irony of this issue is that it hasn’t just affected the adults but is very common amongst the teenagers and young people of the society. There are many reasons for high blood pressure, such as anxiety, stress, poor eating habits. High blood pressure is a silent killer and can even give a sudden heart stroke. Blood pressure destroys the kidneys and hurts a human’s immune system. The biggest reason for blood pressure in teenagers is obesity. Therefore it is important to get checked for this issue every month.

4.     Cholesterol level

People who cross their 30’s are always at a higher risk of getting a high cholesterol level if they have poor eating habits. The reasons for high cholesterol level is the intake of a lot of dairy products, cream, butter, food which are rich in fatty acids etc. People in Southeast Asia suffer from this issue a lot. Furthermore, people who are accustomed to eating fast food all the time are also at a higher risk of having a high cholesterol level. Therefore you must visit a doctor if you experience breathing difficulties or start feeling bloated. A high cholesterol level is dangerous for the body. Thus it is crucial to cut it down before it takes a big toll on the health.

5.     Diabetes type 2

Another issue which has struck the entire world and continues to spread rampantly is diabetes type 2. People are at a higher risk of getting stuck with this issue if they have an unbalanced lifestyle and poor eating habits. They say it is crucial to check with a doctor every 1 to 3 years up, but with the food items being consumed in our daily lives, it becomes crucial to check with a doctor every six months up. More than 100 million people have diabetes in US alone, which is a staggering figure. The current figures state more than 9% of the US population is diabetic. This means diabetes is a serious disease which must be kept away from. A regular checkup can be of great help in this regard.

6.     Obesity test

There is a difference between being obese and staying healthy. Some people do look obese, but they’re healthy according to their height and weight. The body mass index is a test which indicates the levels of body fats that are available in the body. Through this test, one can know about the current situation of the body and do something for the better. BMI is recommended every year to all teenagers and adults. Obesity is a rampantly growing disease which kills millions of people across the world. More than one-third of the world’s population is obese which means millions of people are down with several diseases worldwide.

7.     HIV

This disease broadly classified as a virus which transmits from one person to the other easily through sex. The stats show that more than 36 million people in this world have HIV/aids. Out of these figures, 1.8 million are children, and the rest are adults. HIV destroys the immune system of the body and decreases the lifespan of an adult. There are many organizations which are working to spread awareness regarding it so that the issue can be curtailed. Therefore it is better to get tested for HIV every year to make sure the body is safe.

8.     Skin cancer

This issue is another major problem which has infested the world. Though not every person is at risk of getting infected with it, yet many stand a chance of getting engaged in this problem. People who have a history of melanoma are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. If you are skeptical about the changing pattern of your skin, you must visit the doctor every three months up, and get a full-body examination is done by the skin specialist. With so many skincare products in the market and pollution being rampant, it is common for people to get stuck with this disease.

9.     Testicular cancer

All men who have a family history of testicular cancer must get checked every year if they have doubts. There is no set interval as to when the test should be done. If there is any skepticism in your mind, you better visit a doctor. Even if your father or brother has testicular cancer or had in the past, you must get checked to make sure your body is safe. However, this test is not for teenagers but adults.

10. Psychological checkup

Unfortunately, the truth about this world is that mental health is still widely stigmatized. It is crucial to visit a psychiatrist every few years up to make sure that mental health is in coherence with physical health. Millions of people across the globe suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and panic attacks. Such situations transition into insomnia, alcohol addiction and other issues. Psychiatrists help such people in coming back to the normal pace of life. Therefore once in a while, a visit to the psychiatrist can greatly help.

11. Breast cancer

This test is for women who have reached adulthood. Many women in this world continue to suffer from breast cancer, not even knowing they have it. Breast cancer records new stats every year. As of 2018, more than 2 million cases were recorded globally. In many countries, breast cancer is free of cost and governments to compel people to come forward and get tested. Breast cancer is a notorious disease which claims the lives of many women every year. It is also listed as a silent killer because not many women know about it.

12. Hearing Impairment

Though hearing impairment is not a cliché test conducted every year, yet many people are at a higher risk of suffering from it. People who are 65 years and above are at a higher risk of suffering from hearing impairment. Hearing impairment test should be undergone every two years. A hearing assessment is a test which is conducted by the experts. Doctors claim people who are obese, history of kidney failure, have diabetes or blood vessel diseases are much likely to suffer from this issue.


Lastly, it is important to stay healthy as much as you can. People don’t have a balanced lifestyle today which is why they suffer from so many issues. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to have good eating and exercising habits to stay healthy. People who overlook health checkups every year suffer a lot of troubles in the long run. The biggest benefit of a routine health checkup is that a person gets rid of long term financial spending. With early detection of a problem, simple solutions can put a cut as compared to chaotic treatments and surgeries.

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