6 marketing tips for bloggers

Finding your niche

Writing a blog might not seem like a difficult kind of activity. However, when you grow some followers or dedicated readers, you start caring about the quality of content you produce. Especially if your income depends on the number of visitors. So, how do you make your blog any good and promote it online? Check out our tips!

1. Find your niche

The first and essential tip is to be professional in what you write. It is always easy to say whether the writer knows what they mean. Thus, choose topics that you are an expert at, or/and spend some time learning everything about it.

For example, you can be a professional marketing manager but know little to nothing about account-based marketing. But it won’t be hard for you to go search through the web and find all the essential information about it. Moreover, you should always check what other people have to say regarding a certain topic so that your content truly stands out.

Another top advice is to gather all the data from available sources and put it together in your own blog post. This way you make sure readers don’t have to leave your blog to learn something related to the question.

2. Always be honest

Make sure you put readers’ interests first. The best way possible for doing so is by giving some real-life examples. Don’t be shy about anything; people will not remember you for something unpleasant if you position it right.

For instance, name some examples from the past of you being bad in the thing you are writing about. This way, any reader will feel an emotional connection, and most likely answer your call-to-action in a way you want.

3. Add some strong arguments to show interest

In addition to honesty, it’s OK to be harsh sometimes (in a beneficial way). People love the drama, so give a little to them. Make a statement that might not be right from all perspectives (but never anything rude) and show why you think it’s a good way of thinking.

The argument you have doesn’t necessarily need to be right. You can name it just to prove it wrong. For example, in a blog about the environment make a statement that wind power is not the best solution as birds get scared of those huge windmills. You can then give some pros and cons for readers to think themselves whether they support it or not. No matter which side you or people choose, the public interest is guaranteed.

4. Use social media to promote a blog

There’s no way you can get noticed online without social media awareness. Create an account on the most popular websites and promote your blog posts there. Facebook and Twitter are must-haves here, but you can choose something more as well. It actually depends on your content.

For a blog about photography, art, or design Instagram and Pinterest are nice options. If you write about filmmaking, use YouTube, of course. However, in these cases, you will need more than just interesting articles. Visual content is a whole other dimension.

5. Develop a newsletter plan

While SMM is powerful with no doubt, email marketing is even greater. Mostly because it is cheap but the conversion rates are really high. People love getting personalized messages via email, so ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

The best thing you can do with email marketing is sending personalized sets of ‘read next’ articles after someone has read a certain post. If you do so, or in any other emailing case, make sure you have a professional email signature with a link to your blog.

Using the best email signature software for businesses – Newoldstamp, for example – helps turn any email into a powerful marketing channel. You don’t need any extra effort here. Just create your email footer in the way you see it, and enjoy the CTR it brings to your emails.

Blogger Tips

6. Use SEO optimization no matter what

Even though SEO rules change almost every months, the need for it is never overestimated. Google does rank the websites with the most valuable content better, but only if those have sufficient keywords. We don’t know how it will be in a couple of months, but nowadays it is enough to add up to four long keywords per page to make your blog get noticed.

The only precaution here is not to add too many keywords or just stacking your articles with them. Remember that your main purpose is to bring some value or teach your readers. If you don’t do that, no SEO tricks will help you.

To sum up everything, all you really need to do with your blog is to write something you know and be interesting about it. Then, try promoting your posts everywhere you can (don’t be too pushy though), and you will most certainly get followers.

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