NDP Statement on Sale of Fort Frances Paper Mill


THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – NDP candidate for Thunder Bay—Rainy River, Yuk-Sem Won, issued the following statement:

“The recent sale of the Fort Frances Mill by the company Resolute has caused major concerns for our local community. By imposing restrictions on the use of the facility in the sale agreement, Resolute is preventing the community from developing our forests – hurting our local economy and potential for growth. This is wrong and the federal government must intervene immediately to help the community of Fort Frances.

This is just another example of how the Liberal government has failed to support local economies in Northern Ontario. People in the region have been left behind by the Liberals to fight on their own against wealthy corporations that profit from our resources and then pack up and leave when it suits them. The community of Fort Frances deserves better. People deserve a government that will stand up for them and invest in the sustainable, long-term development of our region.

It is time to do things differently. We will provide economic support for rural areas to invest in job creation and community development. We know that our forestry industry supports rural communities in Northern Ontario. That is why a New Democrat government will invest in forestry innovation and the good jobs that go with it.

It is time for Northern Ontario to control its own resources and steer its own economic development. We will give Northern Ontario the resources they need to do it and work with Northern Ontarians to chart the way forward.”