Why are Cats Scared of Vacuums

Your cat does not have to be scared of the vacuum
Your cat does not have to be scared of the vacuum

Does your cat run at sight of a vacuum cleaner? Cats can show different behaviour, habits, and moods, which is why some aren’t scared of these appliances. However, most are very much so.

It’s a funny thing because cats are scared of many different things. Some hate plastic bags, blow dryers, water, and even cucumbers. So, why are these animals scared of vacuums?

Some cats won’t run away but will stare at the machine well-aware and ready to escape any second. Others will run as soon as you start rewinding that power cord.

Stay tuned to learn why these animals are as scared and how you can help them the next time you use the cleaner.

Why Are Cats Scared of Vacuums?

According to Clean That Floor, cats are scared of the noise. For this reason, your cat is maybe also frightened of plastic bags, blenders, blow dryers, and other such loud things.

Generally, vacuum cleaners are quite loud. If your cat gets scared of it once or twice, he/she will remember that. As a result, your pet will run away from it the moment you pull it out of the storage room.

Why are they scared of loud noises? This one is a bit obvious, but the main reason is that they feel endangered, much like some dogs when there are fireworks. It’s their survival instinct kicking in since loud noises aren’t a good sign in the wild.

How to Help your Cat

Since you can’t really give up vacuuming, you should try other solutions. One option is to move your cat to another room, or if you have a yard, let the animal go out while you clean.

However, the best way to help your pet is to teach him/her not to be afraid of the vacuum. There’s no actual reason for the cat to be scared, so you can work to eliminate this fear. It does take some time and effort, but after a while, you’ll be able to clean without your cat being petrified.

What you can do is put your vacuum in a visible place where your pet can see it. Leave it there for a while, so the animal gets used to its presence.

You can even bring your cat near the machine and pet him/her for a while. This will help your cat feel safe near the vacuum. If you want to, you can even throw in a treat or two to help the cat feel more comfortable.

Make sure your cat is around the next time you’re about to use the vacuum cleaner. Make sure your pet is comfortable and happy before you do this. Once you turn the machine on, leave it working, and approach your cat to pet him/her. A few loving strokes and belly rubs while the noise is happening will make the animal feel more comfortable at that moment.

What If This Doesn’t Work?

If your cat still hates the sound of a vacuum cleaner, you might want to consider getting a climber. In the wild, your cat would probably climb a tree in case of loud noise and potential threat.

To mimic this, you can get him/her a climber to climb on when you clean the house. This way, your cat can watch from above at the threat without feeling endangered by it.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive climber, just something for your pet to climb on. It can be a clean shelf or a DIY climber you made from stuff you had lying in your garage.


Don’t be concerned if your cat is scared. Nothing bad can happen to your pet, and in most cases, cats will hide if you let them. So, if you’re cleaning your living room, open the door and let the cat go into the kitchen, for example. This way, the animal is far from the vacuum, and everyone is safe.

If you want to help his/her fear, you might want to consider working with treats and gentle belly rubs near the vacuum. Take your time and try to understand the animal by not pushing it to stay in the same room if the fear doesn’t go away.

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