Day Fifteen – Hunger strike in Attawapiskat Ends


ATTAWAPISKAT – After 15 days of protest to stand up for Attawapiskat’s Rights, the hunger strike by Sylvia Koostachin-Metatawabin and Theresa Spence has come to an end after 6 pm this evening.

A ‘Renewed Relationship Commitment – Mino Wha Ko Me To Win’ was finally endorsed by both levels of government with Attawapiskat First Nation. This commitment was based on many years of struggles and hardships the community had endured over government policy that does not meet the needs or quality of care for the people.

Third world conditions are (still) rampant in most of our isolated and remote communities. Addressing the water crisis was only one major issue, there remain other substandard conditions which still need remedy. One way to address all these issues is to make a stand on our Inherent or Entitlement rights. If one, or a group of people, does not believe that their rights are not been recognized or affirmed in any way, one has the right call to question on both levels of government with respects to our Treaty relationship or rights to Entitlement.

At this time, we wish to acknowledge all the prayers and support received from everyone and from everywhere. Your messages and voices were heard. This was yet, another small step for change which requires bigger steps to improve the quality of life for our people. Mequesch to all of you.

Both Theresa and Sylvia are doing well and had gone to the hospital to be checked on earlier. Both had black tea and fish broth late this evening…

Nin Nee Nas Ko Moen/My Acknowledgements and Whacheeyea Missiway,

Danny Metatawabin