How to measure landing page performance

Looking at how much time the visitors spend on your landing page can tell you whether the content you put there is valuable for them or not

In the digital marketing world, all the advertisers know that landing pages are crucial assets for businesses. However, not all landing pages work as they are supposed to. Not all of them build brand awareness or encourage visitors to purchase a product or use a service offered. But can you honestly tell that your landing page is working or not? And do you know how to improve it if it doesn’t?

Guessing what is good and what is wrong with your landing page is like whistling in the dark. Performance of your landing page does depend on every element you put on it. How to check if all the elements work together fine and your landing page is of high quality? How to measure your landing page performance? In order to do that you need a straightforward and appropriate metrics. Let me show you some you can use for that purpose.

Landing page views

Landing page views is the most obvious and self-imposing metrics which tells you if your landing page has any power at all. It actually presents you the efficiency of your landing page – does it actually give you extra traffic or not? Do people visit your page at all? To check that you can use some specific tools which also enable you to recognize some patterns – if people rather visit your landing page on weekend or weekdays? Is it rather in the morning or in the evening or maybe during lunchtime?

Source of traffic

Source of traffic is a metric that informs you where the visitors of your landing page come from. Do they reach your landing page by a search engine, social media, email or direct? With that information, you are aware of which channel works best for your business and choose the best one for your marketing campaigns. If you know that 60% of your traffic comes from social media you can be sure that doing an advertising campaign there is a good idea.

Average duration of visit

Looking at how much time the visitors spend on your landing page can tell you whether the content you put there is valuable for them or not. If you provide the visitors with some educational materials on your landing page and see that their sessions are quite lengthy the content you create is worthwhile for them. If you take care of the content you can be sure that the visitors will be prone to purchase from you as they trust you and perceive you as an expert. 

Conversion rate

Last but definitely not least, the metric you should check is the conversion rate. Since landing pages are all about conversions it is one of the most important ones. The conversion rate shows you how many visitors of your landing page actually convert into your customers by purchasing from you or subscribing for your mailing list. If the visitors convert it means that your landing page is efficient.

Only with a good conversion rate you are able to develop further your marketing strategy by providing your customers with excellent customer service and taking care of customer retention. Analyzing and improving your landing page performance is just the first step into long online business marketing adventure 😉

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