4 Sport That Were Invented in Canada


When the name Canada pops up, what comes to the mind of most people is a country with a reasonably stable economy and standard education. Sports aren’t often affiliated with this country. But it would burst your bubble to know that without Canada we may not have some of the popular sports we seem to enjoy today.

Hence, Netnewsledger intends to revere Canada in this article by revealing four popular sports that its roots can be traced to have originated from Canada.


Basketball came into existence out of necessity. It is recorded that Dr, James Naismith, a teacher at YMCA International Training School, in the course of looking for a way to get his students occupied, after trying out the outdoor sports he knew, he had a novel idea on a game he could try. He then proceeded to pin two peach baskets at opposing ends of the courts, handed them a ball, and asked them to aim at their opponents’ baskets. In his radio interview in 1939, he explained that “I told them the idea was to throw the ball into the opposing team’s peach basket. I blew the whistle and the first game of basketball began,” The sport made its debut indoctrination into the Olympics in 1936. Now basketball has grown so much that according to nexchange its biggest league, NBA, is the top 4 league that creates one of the highest revenues in the world of sports. Sport Spread Betting Sites are a fantastic alternative to classic bets and wagers and offer far more freedom and flexibility than traditional fixed-odds options.


Hockey is one sport in which its origin is constantly debated. But regardless of how many countries that drag credit to its invention, it is largely reported to be Canada’s game. Hockey was introduced in Montreal in 1875, during an indoor game at Victoria Skating Rink. Slowly as the years went by, hockey became more developed and gained more structure compared to when it was initially introduced. Hockey continued to grow and gain popularity and in the Summer Olympics in Antwerp in 1920, it became introduced as a competitive sport featured in the tournament. It has grown so much that bookies like sports interaction have included several bet markets on it that people can bet on. Champions Hockey League will be starting late August, and you can bet now on Bet365 on which team you think would win, and the odds provided are just amazing.

Frolunda HC is particularly considered a favourite on Bet365 as they are priced at 5/1 odds to win the tournament.

Some other teams in the tournament like Lulea, Farjestads and Karpat which could also be considered as favorites by Bet365 are priced at 7/1, 7/1 and 8/1 respectively.


A kind of sport which was referred to as “baggatawa” or “tewaarathon” was first played by the Algonquin First Nations in the 1630s before it started gaining popularity across other countries. The game was further developed in 1834, during a demonstration held by Caughnawaga First Nations in Montreal for that course. The sport continued to grow and received recognition by the Olympics when it first got featured in the 1904 Olympics games in St. Louis.

5-pin Bowling

Thomas F. Ryan, a businessman, and sports enthusiast introduced bowling for the first time when he opened Canada’s first 10 pin alley in downtown Toronto, in 1905. Only exclusive members of the club were allowed to play. At some point, the club members started complaining that the 10-pin bowling took too long to finish and that the 16-pound ball was too heavy. Ryan gave it a deep thought and instructed his father to make it 5-pin, and individually went ahead to construct a much lighter ball that weighed around 2.5 pounds and also changed the dynamics of the game. From then on, 5-pin bowling has gained popularity across Canada, and all around the world, it is a game that has become commonly played.

There you go, four sports you should be grateful to Canada for inventing.

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