The Vegan Trainer’s theory of ‘mindful eating’ unveiled

Vegan trainer Tay Sweat
Vegan trainer Tay Sweat

Mindful eating is a lifestyle that is evolving by the day with the number of people embracing this approach. Mindful eating is exactly what it sounds like – at its very core, it calls for one’s attention on the food, its aromas, flavors, and other details. People can practice mindful eating in many ways, with veganism being one of them. Tay Sweat, one of the many figures leading the vegan revolution, reveals his take on mindful eating.

Tay adopted the vegan lifestyle during his teenage years, driven by an earnest desire to lose weight and become healthy. At the age of 15, he weighed over 315 pounds and battled with grave health conditions. Having realized the gravity of the situation and the serious dangers his lifestyle possessed, he decided to do something about it.

This is where he got acquainted with the concept of ‘mindful eating.’ The first thing he learned was to listen to his body – to stop eating when it’s full and to eat when the body needs sustenance. With that, Tay also dove into eating nutrient-dense meals and also made it a point to question the source of foods.

It was only a matter of time before veganism fit into this picture like a perfect puzzle piece. And here’s the end result of his efforts – he shed over 120 pounds in less than three years. Inspired by the success of it, The Vegan Trainer continued his pursuits in the field of fitness. He worked with reputed Eastern doctors and obtained certifications in corrective exercise, holistic nutrition, and iridology among others.

By the age of 21, Tay managed to overcome his diabetes and put it into remission with a plant-based diet. While he faced many difficulties during his journey, discipline and routine played the key role here. More than that, it was his efforts to be mindful of the food he ate that paid off in the end. By listening to his body and consuming organically-grown food, he managed to achieve this drastic change.

Tay’s desire to share his knowledge with others led him to social media, where he is popularly known as The Vegan Trainer. He has now managed to gain traction on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook with a strong fan base.  As a fitness expert and a vegan enthusiast, he has helped over 4,000 clients shed a collective weight of more than 100,000 pounds. He has worked with people from different geographies like Japan, USA, England, Canada, Australia, among other nations. Tay has also compiled a number of books on the same subject, both of which led him to become the best-selling author in the niche.

Tay continues to inspire and motivate people to achieve their fitness goals with regular Instagram and YouTube updates. Throughout his teachings, he has always been an ardent proponent of mindful eating. His secret to practice it, “Become one with the body, mind while eating and focus on the emotions that go with it. Be conscious of eating and the rest will follow with some discipline.”


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