From being an amateur to a cannabis industry expert – Ryan Bishop talks about the entrepreneurial spirit

Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop

Starting a business in an industry you are well-acquainted with is a difficult feat. But it is even harder to establish a business in an industry about which you have very little idea. From understanding customer needs to know how the industry operates, the idea is to be well prepared before diving into something new.

While Ryan Bishop would agree to this, but not many people know that he too started a business in an industry he knew very little about. In 2010, Ryan Bishop ventured into the cannabis industry. He made his foray into this business by launching medical offices that specialized in providing cards for Arizona cannabis patients. Shortly then, Bishop switched gears and launched a new company that provided state compliant packaging to some of the largest companies in the country. Now, he is proud to announce the launch of his newest venture, Cannaris.

Cannaris Analytical Labs aspires to lead the space of cannabis and hemp testing. Cannaris is aimed at providing scientific research for the regulated cannabis industry. Cannaris looks to attain new milestones by collaborating with various California-based licensed marijuana distributors to provide full-compliance cannabis testing. Cannaris has already begun implementing a strategy that will allow them to operate in all states where cannabis is legal.

The cannabis business is booming in the US, and testing facilities are needed to meet the growing demand. Ryan soon realized that if he wanted to expand his business and help it reach the greatest heights, he would have to raise enough capital. Because of his efforts, he was recently able to secure initial funding for the company. The growing demand has led experts to project revenues of US cannabis-testing laboratories at $850 million by 2020.

Every industry has its fair share of naysayers and the cannabis-testing industry is no different. While some still scoff at the idea of wellness industry adopting medical cannabis, but studies have proven its benefits, especially for women.

While talking about his new venture, Ryan says, “Our labs across North America will provide the highest quality analytical and R&D service. Several multi-state large organizations depend on us to provide consistent testing no matter what state we are in. All our labs provide the same level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism.”

Bishop is now on the hunt for locations that will build the company’s multi-state footprint. He wants Cannaris Analytical Labs to have one of the largest networks in the cannabis testing industry. Bishop has come a long way and is a living proof that having the right amount of entrepreneurial spirit can take you places.

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